Half-naked 'Spartans' attract attention of Beijing police


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PR marketing logic just fails me.... absolutely fails me. Doesn't matter what country, some ideas these marketing companies come up with are just ridiculous.

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I don't see anything wrong with the publicity gimmick- perhaps, campy but not sleazy. The police crackdown was unnecessary, but then this is China...the Chinese government, that is.

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Sweetie Salad: meat and two veg

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Is the store BAILING them out of JAIL now ? No way I would consider doing that in THAT country.

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The only reason I can imagine for the overwhelming police response is that the police were terrified of these guys. Truly pathetic.

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Well, they look pretty hot to me. Odd there would probably have been no problem with such an event here in Tokyo. Or maybe, actually, nobody would notice.

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Did they get the LGBT parade date wrong?

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Hahaha, now that's a police state!

(Sparta and China)

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@Swiss Toni Oh yeah, now I get it. Sparta was the Greek province where the men fought great battles with their soldier lover at their side.

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They should've shouted ''THIS.. IS...BEIJING!'' Anyhows, what kind of a response would you expect from an oppressive militaristic state, where the slightest deviation from governmental control is quashed. I guess you can't have half naked parades because it goes against socialist dogma. Meanwhile, corruption and prostitution flourish.

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