Hamas blames Palestinian Authority for Gaza violence


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Hamas and the reconciliation deal need to burn in hell.

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Hamas blames Palestinian Authority for Gaza violence

The joke that keeps on giving, Middle East peace....... How can there be peace when Hamas and the PLO are a breath away from all out civil war.

Only way there can be peace in the Middle East is if Hamas to accept that Israel has the right to exist, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon.

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Relations between Fatah and Hamas have been further strained since November, when a series of blasts targeted the homes of a dozen Fatah officials in Gaza, causing damage but no casualties.

Had Israel done this it would have been front page news.

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Keep in mind that Hamas would most likely take over the West Bank if Israel ever followed the PA demands for full withdrawal. Resulting in a gigantic terrorist hub with open boarders to many different countries, not just Egypt and Israel like right now. Those who clamour for Israeli withdrawal from the WB, believing that would lead to "peace" should step back and think about it.

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