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Hamas says Israeli PM trying to derail Gaza truce deal


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Hamas says Israeli PM trying to derail Gaza truce deal

Interesting thoughts by an Islamic extremist terrorist group.

Stop using civilians as human shields, stop hiding in hospitals, stop recruiting and using child combatants, and release the hostages.

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Foreign mediators have waited for a Hamas response to a proposal to halt the fighting for 40 days and exchange hostages for Palestinian prisoners, which its chief Ismail Haniyeh has said the group was considering in a "positive spirit".

A major stumbling block has been that, while Hamas has demanded a lasting ceasefire, Netanyahu has vowed to crush its remaining fighters in the far-southern city of Rafah, which is packed with displaced civilians.

Why wouldn’t Hamas accept a ceasefire? Israel pushing into Rafah after establishing a ceasefire would look terrible for them and most likely nosedive a lot of support they’re currently getting from other nations.

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Why don't accept? Question that should be addressed what is in written deal? Give up some part of land (again?). Even US young generation had enough with occupier tricks, especially using their tax payer dollar being used for genocide.


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This is Netanyahu's ship to go down with. Israel has become an international pariah state much like white South Africa in the 80's.

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While one country bureaucrat and representative love getting fund from occupier lobbyist other government, Columbia and Turkey really cut tie to government that doing genocide.




Well done Turkey and Columbia.


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Why don't accept? Question that should be addressed what is in written deal? Give up some part of land (again?).

Typically ceasefires don’t involve resolving territorial disputes but are rather a first step in the direction of conflict settlement

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Times of Israel has a piece saying Netanyahu planning to run for another term as PM in any new elections.

Sadly, his decisions on Rafah invasion, ceasefire, hostage release are all predicated on his own political survival.

Surely a nation like Israel has more substantial people to run against Netanyahu .

He seems a very shallow person intellectually and emotionally, the allegations of accepting bribes doing nothing to negate those observations.

Meanwhile a million Palestinian people await the next calamity to befall them....death by hunger, disease or bombs....it's always death waiting for Palestinians.

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So the Hamas is saying Netanyahu is refusing a ceasefire proposal by Hamas aknowledging the terro attack, offering the release of all otages and remains of the one unfortunately dead and handing out of the criminal responsible for the terro attack ? Because, they actually put that on the table right ?

Let me guess they did not. Refusing to do anything on their side but claiming it is the other one not making effort.

I hop people will stop with their binary world. Hamas is good little victim. They were, de facto independant, thought in blocade by all their neighbor. For all these years they did nothing to improve their relationship with their neighboor worst they attacked to make it worse. They recevied billion in international help but failed to make their country less dependand of their neighbor, worst they freaking destroyed plumbery or so to make rocket to launch at their neighbor. Hamas is no better in this conflict no matter which side you are part of.

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""Netanyahu was the obstructionist of all previous rounds of dialogue... and it is clear that he still is," senior Hamas official Hossam Badran told AFP by telephone.""


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You do not have to be a psychic,but Biden support for Israel will leed to his political demise, especially in Michigan,he should be doing a victory lap,but he got himself in a quagmire in a war ,that do not involved America,we have a choice between insanity or senility,it do not bother me , because I will have 10 of millions of dollars for my personal use, because my chances of winning the lottery is better than both of their , becoming President

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Hams will be a fool if it agrees to this deal unless Bibi and his war mongers back off and starts negotiating for a permanent ceasefire and if he can't the people of Israel should demand that he resign and let the new leader bring the hostages home.

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What is the US role in this?

They are supplying Israel with arms:

“Most of the aid—approximately $3.3 billion a year—is provided as grants under the Foreign Military Financing (FMF) program, funds that Israel must use to purchase U.S. military equipment and services.”

And at the same time delivering food supplies to Gaza.

Is it because they wish to be seen as neutral and aiding Palestine, but actually conducting a proxy war?

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Hamas is an organization full of peace and love. They just want peace. Please give it to them.

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The USA has listed Hamas as a terrorist organisation , on and off the list, since Clinton's time as Pres.

For balance, I will note that Israeli groups "Kach " and "Kahane Chai " are also listed as religious {Jewish } terror groups in the USA's listing.

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Nethanyahu wants to win the election!

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Hamas says Israeli PM trying to derail Gaza truce deal

It's the other way around, Israel has given Hamas 1 week to release all hostages so a truce can begin.

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At the end of its rope, Hamas is more interested in escape and remaining intact than peace.

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People support Israel, even when the US government has said,they violated human rights and want to support a man in Saudi Arabia that sawed up an American ,these are not American values

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There are NO American values...just American interests....defined by a small ruling class.

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A picture tells a thousand words. The image provided tells of the horror of Israel's actions.

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Today 08:19 am JST

I hop people will stop with their binary world. Hamas is good little victim.

Yes and "I hope people will stop with their binary world. Israel narrative also!

The recent news of attacks by settlers in the west bank are nothing new just now they are getting attention.

West Bank settlements were to be frozen at 140 under the agreement, but today there are 280 and the extra 140 were taken by force killing 1,000 Palestinians long before October 7th and nothing was done by Israel except fight local Palestinians police trying to investigate!

Israel kidnappes thousands of Palestinians every year hold them for years without charges or trial and had over 6000 in blackhole prisons before October 7th.

Since 2009 the IDF had killed over 6000 Palestinians unarmed 40% women and children, 2500 during non conflicts!

Israel has 21% of its population that are Arabs but only 3% representation in its knesset, the "Arabs affaires committee" has never appointed a single Arab until 2023 and even then they refused to give them any voting rights on the committee!

Sure Hamas is not a good group, but Israel has been just as bad and the world turned a blind eye to it all for decades!

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Today 09:21 am JST

Hamas says Israeli PM trying to derail Gaza truce deal

> It's the other way around, Israel has given Hamas 1 week to release all hostages so a truce can begin.

Right, and we should trust Israel to keep its word and agreements, right?

Laws Violated: Israel has violated 28 resolutions of the United Nations Security Council (which are legally binding on member-nations U.N. Charter, Article 25 (1945); a few sample resolutions - 54, 111, 233, 234, 236, 248, 250, 252, 256, 262, 267, 270, 280, 285, 298, 313, 316, 468, 476, etc.

This includes expanding the number of West Bank settlements from 140 to 280 using violence, annexing east Jerusalem and the Golan heights, illegal kidnapping, detention and torture if thousands of Palestinians, and the list goes on!

Woul you honestly trust someone that has that many violations and hasn't kept to a single signed agreement?

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It's crazy what human beings will use to justify murder. People in these comments be like: stop making Israel kill people! It's your fault we're committing genocide!

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