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Progress reported in Gaza truce talks, but Israel downplays chances of ending war with Hamas


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The Israeli military says it has killed 13,000 militants, without providing evidence to back up the claim.

The number itself is evidence. Prove it wrong.

Regardless, Israel is in for the long haul to eliminate the Islamic extremist terrorists no matter the costs, because otherwise the genocidal murderous terrorists remain bent on killing as many Israeli civilians as possible, including babies and infants.

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The bloodlust, famine and genocide continue.

Shame on us all as a species.

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The culture war is real. The unholy alliance has formed. Watch it set the whole world on fire now.

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Occupier new genocide target, 40 thousands now that include children and babies?



More mass grave to be found?


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"Watch it {the culture war set the whole world on fire "

Hardly....in most of Israel people are going out to restaurants and enjoying a life denied to Gazan's for decades.

A reading of world media ,even Times of Israel, sees many domestic issues getting traction before this war.

Sadly, everything will fall back into status quo when this war is over.

People's attention will be diverted to some other issue and the occupation and resistance will continue , albeit absent from media attention.

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I'll add to support my comments....where is the Ukraine war on the world's media.?

Short attention spans for media and consumers of it

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It's a lose/lose situation for all except one. Netanyahu. He has already been indicted, his trial has restarted, and he faced months of protests by Israelis for his corruption before 10.7. He has no intention of normalization which would put him behind bars if convicted. He wants this eternal war to save his own hide and his "legacy." He calls the trial a witch hunt. Sound familiar?

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""Daniel Elgert, whose brother Itzhak is held by Hamas, addressed Netanyahu at the latest rally in Tel Aviv: “Bibi, we call on you from here to announce the end of the war in exchange for the return of all the hostages. The war is effectively over, we know it’s over, you can’t fool us.""

Netanyahu could care less about Israel or Hostages all he cares about is Bibi and staying out of JAIL.

Even if he invades Rafah the outcome will be no different than the rest of the was, except this time there will be NO hostages coming home alive. Bibi knows it but he could care lesss.

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Antisemitism was usually made by the rightwing but has spread to other political groups. Mostly because of Netanayhu's brutal attack and destruction on the Gaza Strip killing more than 35,000 Arabs.

Is the antisemitic problem greater than the racism?

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Times of Israel has a report on attempts by US Congress group of both parties contacting the ICC and staff in an attempt to stymie the investigation into allegations of Israeli crimes, substantially ,involving preventing aid shipments into Gaza.

ICC Head issued a statement/rebuttal that used the words "attempts to intimidate " the ICC.

US Congress group speaking of personal sanctions on ICC officials should it proceed with enquiries etc. into Israel.

Pretty disgraceful conduct by US Congress group using threats against ICC staff like this.

Netanyahu of course breaks out the "anti Semiticism "card....again.

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Hamas and October 7th is the cause of this ugly fire.

The fire must be put out completely.

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