Hamas: Suspects in Dubai killing include Fatah men


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Untangling this web is proving interesting.

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Fatah shot back by insinuating Hamas members were the ones who collaborated with the killers.

Always good when Hamas and Fatah fight with eachother.

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Ya know, if Mossad really is involved in this, I agree with what was said in that other story, that the head of Mossad should resign. If this was Mossad, then its being run by an incompetent. How did this op even get past the drawing board? And why done in such an incompetent manner?

I could understand it if this was Hamas or Fatah, but not Mossad.

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This could turn into a very enlightening game of let’s you and him fight. Are we to get to see some seriously dirty linen on show I wonder?

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I'm going back to my first thoughts on this, it was about money.

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Again, so far, this does not point to Mossad or Israel. I agree with skipthesong. I think this is either a weapons deal that went bad or an internal conflict of some kind involving Hamas. Of course, Hamas is going to blame Israel or Fatah. At this point, if they thought they could get away with it, they'd probably blame Doraemon.

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I don't know why everyone keeps using the word "blame', when they should be using the word "credit".

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Seeing that until now Israel was blamed for this, we now have to believe that the Fatah works for the Mossad?

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It's too early to make accusations, but I'm thinking this isn't Mossad. Why would they endanger their own people with an operation that uses their people's stolen identities?

Mossad cannot openly deny it because that would ruin their no confirm/no deny approach.

Maybe Hammas was killing 3 birds with one stone?

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It should be obvious by now that this is the work of the Nigerian Spammers Association. They got all those people to converge on Dubai to help Miriyam what's-her-name withdraw her deceased father's wealth from the local bank and when they found out they'd been tricked they became so infuriated they turned on the bagman, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, and whacked him. Mystery solved!

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Fatah men taking part in the assassination of a Hamas official: Plausable.

Hamas using the assassination of one of their officials as an excuse to target Fatah: equally plausable.

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Well,my friends, I am not the LEAST bit surprised that the usual carte blanchers are here defending israel AND the terrorist mossad for assassinating a Hamas member in a third country.Disgusting! Tis sad indeed in this day and age that murder still wins out over conflict resolution,which is clearly what Ghandi would have wanted, and what I would too. Anyways, I think other Middle East experts,like Elton John, need to man up and condemn mossad,who are no better than japanese whalers.

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murder still wins out over conflict resolution

Yup. There is no conflict resolution with Hamas terrorists.

Ghandi? Elton John? Japanese whalers? :-D

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