Harris positive for COVID-19; Biden not 'close contact'


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The vaccines were only meant to prevent you from developing serious symptoms, not prevent you from being infected. You can still pass it on to someone else too which is why she is isolating.

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She got COVID and….?

Thats right!

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"Biden not close contact" - yes, in many ways. Keeping his distance just in case he decides to run again. But then again, that feeling could be mutual. DeSantis 2024!

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Kamala Harris is definitely vaccinated with a booster jab! How on earth did she get CoVid19?

Ahh… I got it! The vaccines do not work! And the vaccines are not even up to date with the current variant.

so this should be your take on this. Make an informed decision not based on coercion, pressure or some regulation.

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CDC estimates 75% of kids in US had COVID.

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Lucky the vaccines work. And masks.

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Of course he wasn't a close contact, they don't even like each other.

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If triple vaccinated individuals still need to isolate that means they are capable of transmitting the virus.

She is not only triple vaccinated, she is 4x vaccinated.

*She received a booster shot in late October and *an additional booster on April 1. 

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I didn’t know you could catch COVID THAT way?

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Harris positive for COVID-19; Biden not 'close contact'

The usual partisan hacks, temporarily distressed millionaires will be in to laugh about the headline that Biden is not a close contact of Harris.

But these big business types should know that in big organizations CEOs and VPs might work separately usually.

Not defending the administration, just the facts.

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