Harris releases strategy to tackle migration’s root causes


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“We will build on what works, and we will pivot away from what does not work,” Harris wrote in an introduction to the 20-page plan. “It will not be easy, and progress will not be instantaneous, but we are committed to getting it right.”

Why not just say to those migrants from those three countries something strong and bold.

Something like, "Do Not Come Here."

That should work, right?

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Harris should definitely be criticized for not advocating to send in the 101st backed by the 1st Marine Division and supported by air units from the Air Force and Navy. Her ridiculous attempt at addressing the root causes is a weak-sauce lib maneuver; everyone knows you have to attack the symptoms!

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Yeah the “don’t come” policy has led to the most people apprehended at the border per month in at least the least 20 years.

Almost 200,000 per month “didn’t come” these days.

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This is just so, so bad on every level. They’re destroying everything.

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root causes 

she said without elaborating.

won't produce immediate results

avoids deadlines

short-term relief 

suspended cooperation 

is enormous in scope and complexity, and the administration has struggled for short- and long-term responses.

U.S. border authorities reported large numbers of arrivals at the Mexican border in June

The trend appears to be continuing in July

A group of 509 migrants from Central and South America 

enter the country illegally

released in the United States with orders to appear in immigration court or report to immigration authorities.

I don’t think I’ve seen an administration so committed to failure. And equally committed to a come and go as you please border.

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allow people with positive COVID tests to enter the USA and be bussed/flown all over the country.

Threaten legal action against the state of Texas when they try to prevent it.

Its our federal right to move illegals with COVID anywhere we want, says the Biden DOJ.

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