Harvard toppled from top of worldwide rankings


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I guess Harvard is good if you have lots of $$$ and want to tell the world that your rich family has $$$$ and that you also have brains?? But good on Caltech! I think it is located in Northridge, California, where they had a very bad earthquake a few years back? Bravo to Calthech!

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Gotta hand it to California....they know how to make their universities....

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Caltech -good

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You don't need to be rich to go to Harvard, just willing to take on massive, crippling student loans!

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(Sigh) Northern Virginia Community College didn't make the list. ;-)

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@ elbuda caltech is in Pasadena northridge had csun

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California, Berkeley-University of California, Berkeley.


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Yay, finally something positive about the UK. It seems we have someone or other telling us how terrible this country is on a near daily basis so i'm glad there are still people who recognise our achievements and not just our flaws.

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