Hawaii bill would classify homelessness as medical condition


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If homelessness is a disease, he reasons, then doctors should be able to write prescriptions for the cure: Housing.

What simple genius. The conservatives will go nuts. And then go to church.

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BTW - there are public housing programs in Hawaii already: Not perfect, clearly. And the medicare funds in Hawaii will be depleted in 3 months, so real medical conditions cannot be addressed. Not all "conservatives" go to church, BTW. I find that assumption offensive.

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I thought the unemployment was low. Obama did nothing for them.

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Not all "conservatives" go to church, BTW. I find that assumption offensive.

Noted. Is it as offensive as how religious many conservatives claim to be?

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Wow. People who know history should be taken aback by this. Faced with huge social problems, there is ONE THING that Americans have shown great willingness to spend money on without question. Medical care. It is the sacred cow. Everyone deserves as much of it as they can get, right? And medical rights win out time and again when pitted against employers, law enforcement, education, and any kind of institution or authority.

So what happens when EVERYTHING becomes a medical claim? Well, the claims on the state balloon, and resources remain about the same. How does that end? Overburdening of the state. Increased claims on taxpayers. Eventual collapse of the state.

This will not end well.

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SenseNotSoCommon... I wouldn't build a cathedral around that statement.

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Homelessness is a big problem in Hawaii. If such a bill is passed, how would the state pay for all those with the medical condition that would cover homelessness? There are just too many homeless people there now. If you're going to be homeless, there's not a better place to be homeless than in the paradise known as Hawaii. Make homelessness a medical condition and they're going to be flooded with homeless people.

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