Headphone batteries explode on flight to Australia


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So, why no name of the company that produced the product?

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No mention on any other news source, just lithium battery(most likely a cheap replacement).

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If ya guys wanna learn how these batteries work, the difference between lithium and lithium-ion, and why they explode, PBS Nova just aired a short documentary last month:

PBS Nova - Search for the Super Battery

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Yikes! I am glad that she is OK! I have never heard of this happening before.

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pacint: Not only that, but they are REFUSING to release the brand name, which makes you wonder. It'll come out, eventually. Pretty awful picture -- I hope the woman is treated and heals. The stuff about the potential for these batteries to explode and hence should not be put in check in luggage in case of fire (and inability to control it) is scary.

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Looks nasty! Bluetooth? Don't use them inflight, plug in type better but new Apple earphones are bluetooth with batteries. Could also have the age the device and the number of charges it had.

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looks awful.

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That,s extremely bad could have caused the plane to explode my mobile phone while i was in a chemist shop got very hot and caught on fire it was brand new bought the day before charged as instructions it worked for 3 calls then burnt a hole in my pants the chemist put it in his stainless sink and drowned it try to explain that to your phone supplier they recon you got water in it oh so dumb .

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These types of products should have their production stopped immediately. I know lithium batteries cause a lot of heat . . . we don't buy them anymore.

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How much you wanna bet it was some knock-off headphones she bought at some market in Beijing? Those markets are full of headphones disguised as Beats By Dre among others.

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but they are REFUSING to release the brand name

Whose "they", and in what sense are they refusing?

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lets wait that victim show the whole info to facebook....

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I suppose, the reason for not disclosing the gadget´s brand could be that they are not sure about brand and model. After all the device was destroyed. Nevertheless this is a recurrent risk we all are exposed.

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There are battery operating toys.

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