Heavy rains, floods prompt evacuations of Sydney suburbs


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As this is the second major flood in less than a year, I think someone needs to be doing some serious mitigation planning. It is possible some areas may become uninhabitable or if they are to remain so then the buildings will have to be radically different design to accept periodic inundation as a normal way of life.

Adaptation on a societal level is going to be crucial in the short to medium term as we deal with the changing climatic conditions, whether you accept they are man made or natural.

In the longer term the scientific and societal consensus is they it is at least in part man made so we need to change the human factors causing/exacerbating this but that doesn’t address the immediate impacts.

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If only the floods could happen at the same time as the bush fires. Problem solved?

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We've known what climate change was going to do for years.

A nation that gets lots of water in floods and periodic fires really needs to get its act together, channelling and storing the water to deal with the fires. What does the Aussie government do all day?

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What does the Aussie government do all day?

Sorry for the Australians who've been smacked by so many extreme events. I agree Australian leaders need to take action, but it's called 'global climate change' so I think every nation that cares about life within its own borders and everywhere else on the planet should take action. Start by finding alternatives to burning so much fossil fuel (NB Putin stans and petrol heads: I am not saying stop burning fossil fuels, I am saying stop burning 'so much') . Unless people want to continue to further enrich Putin, his Russian oligarchs, the Gulf kings, sheikhs and the Ayatollah, plus the various billionaires in the ruling class 'establishment' around the world.

Individuals also need to take action, unless they want to continue to cede all power to their rulers.They can make adjustments to their lifestyle, and elect politicians not fully owned by the fossil establishment.

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