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Hero of Oct. 7 aims to revive Israel's moribund left

By Emily Rose

It was around two hours after Gazan militants launched an onslaught on Israel’s southern border communities that major general in the Israeli reserves Yair Golan began to understand the gravity of the attack on Israeli soil.

He got in his car and sped down south, stopping only to get an automatic weapon at an army base.

When he arrived at the site of the Nova Music Festival, he began rescuing survivors from what he described as "a massacre scene". Hamas gunmen had shot, bludgeoned or burned to death 364 people and took another 40 hostage.

"This is something I never saw previously - not in Beirut, not in the West Bank, not in the Gaza Strip," Golan told Reuters in an interview, reflecting on his nearly 40 years of combat experience.

Calls for national elections are becoming more frequent, as negotiations for a ceasefire with Hamas progress and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu straddles conflicting demands from members of his rightwing coalition.

Golan won the centre-left Labor Party's primaries in May and then formed a union with the smaller Meretz party, re-branding themselves as "The Democrats." The parties had suffered a crushing defeat in Israel's 2022 elections, with Labor, which governed for more than half of Israel's existence, reduced to just four seats in the 120 seat parliament, and Meretz shut out.

A July poll by Israel’s Channel 13 shows the Meretz-Labor union now winning 9 seats, giving them modest influence in a potential future coalition.

Golan is similar to Labor leaders from a different era, who carried a sword in one hand and an olive branch in the other. In discussing military tactics in Gaza, the left often appears to differ little from Netanyahu's rightwing government.

With five sons serving in the military, including four in combat units, Golan praised the military for reducing Hamas to "a very primitive phase of terror and small guerrilla actions" during the assault on Gaza that followed the Oct. 7 attacks.

"This is very good," Golan said. "But because it's not a stable situation, we need to keep freedom of action inside the Gaza Strip," mirroring the Netanyahu administration's insistence that Israel maintain security control over the enclave.

But Labor differs with Netanyahu over what would follow the war. Netanyahu rejects any role in Gaza for the internationally recognized Palestinian Authority that now exercises limited self-rule in the Israeli occupied West Bank. Golan said the PA would be integral to governing Gaza the "day after", with support from Arab states and Washington.

In tandem with the fighting, Golan said, Israel must "create islands of security" inside Gaza, which are "supported by regional alliances" and will provide Gazans with an alternative to Hamas.

(Reporting by Emily Rose; Editing by Peter Graff)

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In tandem with the fighting, Golan said, Israel must "create islands of security" inside Gaza, which are "supported by regional alliances" and will provide Gazans with an alternative to Hamas.

That's something you don't see Hamas offering Gazans!

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Well said!

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Any comment on the Hannibal Directive deaths.

I see this story in the absolute present context, where NOW Israel is demanding Gazans' MOVE AGAIN as they continue the onslaught to drive everyone into the Sinai desert.

What sort of a country promotes stories to the world of "40 beheaded babies " etc.

A shameless one ?

Free Palestine and best wishes to the heroes of the Resistance....more courage than bombing schools from war planes.

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""In tandem with the fighting, Golan said, Israel must "create islands of security" inside Gaza, which are "supported by regional alliances" and will provide Gazans with an alternative to Hamas.""

End the Occupation first, then give the Palestinians what's been stolen from them, allow them to VOTE and elect their representatives, Allow them to return to their homes in Palestine, Remove all these walls and road blocks, Stop controlling their daily lives, Give them the Freedom of movement, and watch Hamas and the PA VANISH as well.

Stop putting bandages on the problem when we all know NOTHING will bring peace to Palestine and Israel if we continue on this Path.

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It's laughable that Israel had intel of the attack a week before from the Egyptians then the Israel Security minister ( a member of the war cabinet ) gives to thumb up for Nova security 3 days before 07/10. Then IDF declares the Hannibal directive on the whole area. So that is one war crime before the attack and another war crime on the morning 07/10 by declaring the Hannibal directive. So Israel give out Honours for War Crimes. The Nazi were also big on that low life action.

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John above....this is my feeling.

Israeli Intel and others notified the {Fascist } Government , or at least the Defence Heads , of an impending attack.

Top level decision makers let it go unremarked.

The attack happened....more BS than anyone could imagine was promoted to dehumanise the attackers ....and by extension all Gazans...."no innocents in Gaza "etc.

Overall plan was to eliminate Arab Palestinians from Gaza and make Gaza part of Israel.

A "happy bi product " for the basest of Israel was killing a hundred thousand non Israelis'

It's a { word removed to stop mod....a certain North Euro country } project pure and simple.

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So, the 'hero' of the genocidal forces that, according to the Israeli news media, attacked the civilians at the festival to prevent uniformed militants, captured at the base where they directed the targeting for murder or kidnapping of Palestinians, being transported for detention, blames the Palestinians for the death of those that people wearing the same uniform as himself slaughtered.

Just checked, and yes, while Orwell's book was set in the specific year that became its title, it never claims that the system of creative reportage ended in that year, just that eventually it would.

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When even Haaretz (an Israeli newspaper) is saying that Israeli forces killed other Israelis on 7 Oct, you know how depraved Bibi and his men are. Then again, alarm bells should have been ringing as soon as those 3 Israeli hostages freed were killed in cold blood by IDF soldiers. And now we have the new UK prime minister (paid puppet friend of Blair) is going to strengthen ties with Bibi, as well as committing billions of pounds annually to the Ukraine for 'as long as it takes' when his own citizens are suffering financially and the NHS is about to collapse.

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From Golan's personal history he appears to be positioning himself to the left of Genghis Khan. Is this the best Israel's so-called democracy can offer? Palestinians can't expect any serious deal from these war criminals.

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Palestinians can't expect any serious deal from these war criminals.

Classic case of FAFO, wouldn't you say?

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