Heroin use, addiction up sharply among U.S. whites


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It's very sad, but not altogether unsurprising. Drug use and addiction tends to have less to do with the drugs themselves and more to do with the situation the user is in.

American culture is in a crisis. Too many people don't know how to find value in their own lives, hence the support for authoritarian kleptocrats and abusive hostility toward minorities coming from the same demographic. They don't get the support and human connection they need, so they turn to opiates.

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The outrage is that Congress, PHARMA and the justice system are the cause and enablers of this tragedy. While they all look the other way, people are dying in droves and families are ruined all in the name of protecting profit, graft and greed.

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America has spent $1 trillion on the drugs war without wining.

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America has spent $1 trillion on the drugs war without wining.

Think of how much education and rehabilitation they could have provided for that amount.

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Here is another article I've found that also doesn't help the situation in this country. I swear, it's like my fellow countrymen are hell bent on digging the hole deeper for themselves. There is a social illness in this country, and people can't get their heads out of their hind-quarters.

Trump, the GOP, and even the Dems are clueless.... absolutely and utterly clueless. But as long as the profiteering can continue until we collapse under our own stupidity right?

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There is a solution. Most of the opium to process into heroine is grown in Afghanistan, which didn't happen when the Taliban were in control. America pays the farmers more than the going rate for the opium and then destroys it. Or pay the farmers to grow another crop, say potatoes and buy that at a higher rate than the opium. The farmers only care about the money and not the drug.

Instead of using billions in some failed drug war the money should go into rehabilitation.

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