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Hezbollah chief commits to victory in Syria


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Wait, so the fall of the Syrian regime, would give rise to extremists, worse even then Hezbollah? And given the fact that Hezbollah is frequently nothing more then a tool of Tehran, does this mean now that Iran is taking an active role as well?

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In the white corner we have Alawite Assad forces versus Radical Sunni (Saudi,Qatar etc ) backed opposition.

And in the blue corner we have Hezbollah Shiite (Iran, Syria etc) backed fighters versus Assad forces.

So the Western powers have the choice of backing the radical Sunnis against the extremeist Shiites or the other way round.

However, fighting both sides at the same time would be the most likely outcome.

In Iraq we have seen what these guys are capable of.

Syria looks like a nightmare unfolding.

My humble opinion is to just let this one pass and watch it on TV.

Not the most honorable path, but.........

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It's just strange to me that terrorist organizations have spokespeople.

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I'm not interested in getting into a cute vocabulary battle with you.

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Victory of Asad is death message of American agents Like AllSaud ,Qatar ,Kuwait & UAE which are ruling at the cost of poor Arabs blood. These are so called muslims and support extremists & Alqaeda in Syria. Hezobollah is thorn of eyes for Arab Monarchies/ American Agents in middle east.

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I don't doubt that.

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Just guessing that they want to get onside with someone else so they can in turn ally and try to destroy Israel.

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