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Hezbollah says it is fighting IS in Iraq


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This is how it should be - one group of fanatics defending themselves from another. NATO should just butt out.

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Terrorism fighting terrorism,

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Of course Hizb-Allah is against ISIS.... it is Shiite, and ISIS is Sunni. But don´t expect the Shia population of the ISIS triangle to side with Hizb-Allah. To the contrary, this will increase local support for ISIS.

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Wow, I don't say "Go, Hezbollah" very often...

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Neither of these groups is good for the Middle East or the world.

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Give every 13-year-old boy in Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon his own AK47, and this is what you get.

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Was that an honest mistake Farmboy, or do you not know the difference between Hamas and hezbolla?

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Hezbollah is fighting ISIS?

OMG! Hell really has frozen over...

Or has all this morphed into Good Muslims vs. Bad Muslims?

Feudalism vs. Extremism?

And where do the Jews in Jerusalem fit into this equation?

Since Iran has been fighting ISIS along with the Iraqi Shiite's will Israel forgive Iran, Hezbollah, and form a Bond with Palestine?

The time is now to think really hard for the Leaders in The Middle East.

ISIS believes they are fighting a Cosmic War based upon the apocalyptic chapter in The Quran and they are determined to bring "The Crusaders" to Dabiq in Syria for all out conflict. Very Bizarre, but that is what they are reaching for and that is why President Obama is hesitant to send in a Full Blown Invasion Force - The fear of another suicidal War like we faced against The Japanese and the Kamikaze or the determined Communization of Vietnam by The NVA & Viet Cong.

It's not a joke with these guys and if we go in, there's not much chance for success if we can't determine who is a Good Jihadist from the Bad Jihadist or who's the lesser of 2 evils...?!?

Good Lord, the GOP in Congress are crazy if they think they can try this again. I watched the entire War in Iraq unfold and many people called me a crazy liberal for being in decent of Bush's decision to invade Iraq but descent was Benjamin Franklin's position during the signing of The Constitution because The Bill of Rights was abstained at the time. Subsequently, he signed The Constituion but not without griping about it first. I was the same way towards "W" when he was determine to "Take down Saddam Hussain", and what happened? Just as Saddam warned, "...You'll Be Opening The Gates Of Hell..."

And the GOP think they're gonna gallop right back into Iraq with Jeb in the Oval Office for a sequel?


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It's about Shiite vs. Sunni. And as our wise leaders in the West will hastily stress, "It has nothing to do with Islam, the religion of peace."

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"Hezbollah, like Assad’s regime, brands all those fighting Damascus as “terrorists”. Neither recognises the presence of non-jihadist groups seeking Assad’s ouster." - article

When these gangs start dumping drums of VX, cancel the vacation plans for the Med. One word: Boom. And, Death. Being greeter as liberators worked pretty well. Bush was right, history will decide for the decider.

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