High-stakes U.S.-Russian talks open; Syria to join chemical arms ban


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Guess its better than just bombingn them, but sceptical it will last long.

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Doesn't mean they won't use them and just deny they did.

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Russia has been Assad’s most powerful backer during the civil war, which has killed more than 100,000 people since 2011, delivering arms and - with China - blocking three U.N. resolutions meant to pressure Assad.


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Putin kinda owns this possible Syria deal now. How much it succeeds or fails, it's his and Russia's reputation on the line for Assad.

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"Kerry said any agreement must be comprehensive, verifiable, credible and implemented in a “timely” fashion - “and finally, there ought to be consequences if it doesn’t take place". I don't remember the last time anything they (US Government) put together has been comprehensive, verifiable, credible and even Obamacare is not being able to be implemented in a timely fashion. So what do you expect from another government?

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I think most people recognize this as a stalling tactic. Russia gets to look like it tried, Obama gets a couple more weeks to sell his bid to congress, all the important parties come out of this winners. What side we're striking or supporting in Syria is hardly of consequence at this point.

So what do you expect from another government?

The person with the cruise missiles gets to determine the expectations of a given situation. If the Assad government was really interested in the deal they could have all their storage and manufacturing sites compiled and sent to the UNSC in less than a week. Instead they're probably going to hide the majority of their stockpile and send oven a few token palates of partially expired chemical weapons and swear that it's all they had while trying to shore up their defenses against future missile strikes.

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Does their joining the chemical weapons ban change anything? They've admitted they have them now.

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