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High tide: Cocaine haul washes up on New Zealand beach

By Colin Parmenter

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A testament to the packaging skills of the distributors, that they didn't just dissolve away into nothing!

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Patrols? More like Crowd control, there I imagin will be quite a few concerned citizens helping to comb the beach.

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Bethells Beach may be very popular just now----despite the cold weather!

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A half a ton of meth washed ashore in 2016? I am speechless as to who could loose such a large amount. The cocaine too has me paranoid with thoughts of drug warfare.

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It's not like the average bloke would prosper from such a find, as most people wouldn't know anyone they could sell it to.

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It's not like the average bloke would prosper from such a find, as most people wouldn't know anyone they could sell it to.

They could sell it retail at clubs and such, until they eventually meet a bigger buyer. The risk there (aside from the police) is that the bigger buyer might wonder where they got it. And might even know who dumped it. Pretty sure a few Hollywood movies have covered this plot line.

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How about police do a buyback?

Officer: how much did you find?

Citizen: (rubs fingers) how much you got$?

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How'd they find it? Sniffer dogs?

It washed ashore. First time in history there was so much snow on Auckland beaches.

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'Around 19 packages'? Sounds like the police don't want to count the exact number of packages so they can keep a bit!

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What a waste.

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Some heads probably rolled at P & P when this got lost at sea

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I don't think the Kiwi will report it to the Police if they found the packages.

2018 Global Drug survey reveal, New Zealand and Australia are the most expensive countries to buy cocaine in the world, where Cocaine users on average pay $336.14 per gram of cocaine in the New Zealand.

The second most expensive country was Australia, where Cocaine users are paying $309.94 for a gram of cocaine.

I think one package may have contained at least 1kg.

The Police has to check luxury sport car dealers and someone bought Ferrari or Lambo pay in cash recently and then guess, he must found some packages from the beach.

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