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Hillary Clinton joins other Dems in backing gay marriage


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A bit late I would think. Jumping in the bandwagon?

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You'll be on the right side of history, Ms. Clinton. It's a brave move in a vicious political environment, but every influential figure who rallies behind equal rights wrests power from the class of Republicans who want to restrict the definition of "human" to "straight white male".

The tide is turning in favour of equality. :)

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She look like tired and unlikely going to hold onto politics for long time.

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Marriage is two between man and woman. It's been that way for millennia. Gays need to determine a more appropriate name for their "Lifelong Committed Partner". And shouldn't have any problems with traditional marriage benefits. I simply can't call it a marriage.

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MarkG: 'marriage' is a word in the English language that didn't exist for millennia. The definition of the word 'marriage' can be changed as a union between 2 people, whatever the sex those people are.

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Unions between a man and a woman is what perpetuates the population. In English, it's a marriage. Nearly the rest of the modern world has something similar. Gays are a fairly extreme minority and cannot reproduce naturally. Not that all marriages are to procreate. But children by far are the result of marriages. Call it something different.

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MarkG: Homosexuals have kids too...

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@ TumbleDry: MarkG: Homosexuals have kids too...

As do men with harems. Prostitues. People who casually hook up. Been happening for tens of millenia. Nothing to do with marriage or all the laws and priveleges our contemporary society has arranged around "marriage".

Time to get over it, MarkG. Marriage isn't just the privelege of the straight. (Or fecund).

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Taj: amen

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To tell the truth, i really dont care: if two people want to get "married" let them. It actually has no negative effect on me. And two more people on the planet are happy.

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a Republican presidential hopeful may struggle to win the nomination without opposing gay marriage, even if the position causes problems in the November general election.

That's an understatement. They will have to tell the Republican bubble that they support gay marriage while at the same time using the word "conservative" about three hundred times. And the first one that comes out and supports it will be buried by the others who will use it to climb to the top of the minority.

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