Historic anti-smoking bill in U.S. aims at stopping teens


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I had no idea the US still allowed any kind of advertising of tabacco. In Australia we banned all forms of cigarette advertising 15 or 20 years ago and smoking rates have been falling ever since. Nice one (again), Mr Obama. This measure will save at least thousands, probably millions of lives.

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this is great!!!!

now, if we can only get the prez to stop..

Its just such a disgusting habit.

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How is this in any way historic? The 1998 tobacco settlement between 46 states and the 6 largest tobacco companies did the exact same thing, except the regulations were self-imposed. Now Obama wishes the government to be in control. I thought the first amendment presupposed that people, not the government, should decide what is best for themselves. Next Obama will probably appoint a smoking czar. Communism isn't dead, it only relocated.

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Awesome... the US can really lead in this instance.

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Hopfly do a little research on the 1st amendment before you speak.

I see mjor benefits to the FDA now regulating cigarettes and having access to all future research, have the ingredients layed out in specifics and advertising controlled.

I quit smoking 3/20 1993, 4:00 PM. Best half cigarette I ever had.

Maybe this will control the boosting of cigarette nicotine and tar levels.

I've been against all the sin taxes on cigarettes but I'm infavor of government hands into cigarette ingredients and the regulating there of. < :-)

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All this crap about smoker's rights, communism, civil liberties...crap is all it is. What about marijuana smoker's rights? Silence from the wacky right-wing when it comes to that particular drug.

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adaydream: I did actually research this before posting my comment, I referenced the, advertising and the first amendment. Specifically tobacco ads.

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Hopfly I looked at your site. Nothing about this decision. I think you're reading prior court decisions.

I'm all for legalization of marijuana. I quit smoking cigarette smoking so I could continue smoking pot. Cigarettes are so harmful to your body and marijuana so much easier on the body.

But back to this cigarette issue. I'm glad that the government does have control of cigarettes and their composition. I don't particular want them changed, but I do want to know what they put into your cigarettes. Knowing that and having the government in control makes it easier to have the marijuana debate. Now we can debate with the government about the dangers of the two. Compare the two and make the myths about marijuana fact checked and verified and used to legalized or at least decrimilized. < :-)

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Oh joy, lol banning cigs only to get secondhand smoke from people who wanna legalise pot. No win situation for us non smokers. Thanks for keeping true to this mindset Adaydream.

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Hey, I am a non smoker, and I could actually care less about smoker's rights. I see a larger issue here, Obama is using this current climate to expand government into areas which it was not meant to rule. He is certainly on a roll.

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"Fewer ads featuring sexy young smokers"

Sexy young smokers like President Obama?

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