An rocket designed to intercept an intercontinental ballistic missiles is launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in Calif on Tuesday Photo: AP

Pentagon declares success for key test of missile defense


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244 Million for one test? Damn......I wish I got paid that much for one!

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Obviously, some lives are only worth $243 million. It is a beautiful day to get up early and look at the real sun instead of an artificial sun. Be happy and hope NK gets the message.

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Military purchases let contractors have houses, families, cars, go on vacations, and their kids can go to college. Getting something useful out of the purchase is a bonus.

For some people, rocket science is a calling and they HAVE to do it. If they don't have a job FOR the USA, then they will find a job somewhere else. I've known many people like that over my career.

Also have some relatives who lived on Kwaj. They say the diving is fantastic here. It is remote and requires an invitation to visit.

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"244 Million for one test? Damn......I wish I got paid that much for one"

Stop an ICBM in mid flight and we'll talk about money over lunch sometime.

We should all take note that if we thought that the nuclear arms race was expensive, we ain't seen nothing yet. Now, each THAAD missile is worth as much as London, New York, Beijing, or Tokyo. Defense contractors are going to make not trillions... but gajillions... from political instability. Every nation that feels the least bit threatened will have to have the newest model.

All the contractors have to do is kick back a little to North Korea from time to time to keep the good times rolling.

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Watch a missile go up and feel a little safer and reassured?

An emotion that the two sides can both share in common?

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...oh wait, so they can test missiles and others can't?

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I'd rather nobody has nuclear weapons and suchlike. But if the former USA can have them, DPRK can have them?

Much as I despise the regime in NK; and various incarnations of it have carried out terrorist attacks - the only country to use nuclear weapons on anyone else in this region is the former USA.

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Interesting 'peace' or 'V-for-victory' shape in the exhaust smoke cloud in the picture at the top.

Any significance?

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