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Hitler's 'Mein Kampf' returns to German market in new form


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Knobloch...doubts that the new edition will achieve its aim of “demystifying and taking apart ‘Mein Kampf.’”

Mein Kamf's faults, its lies, distortions, idiocy and frothing mania, are so apparent they need not be addressed point-by-point. It is simple:

Those who Want To Believe will do so. Despite Hitlers terrible ideas and even more terrible actions. Against the Jews, Romani, etc. Against the German people. And against all those who suffered under the NAZI boot. They will believe because they are bad and stupid people.

The only way to fight against Hitlerism, against NAZISM, against a chauvinistic ultra-nationalism rooted in race-base supremacy, irrationality and madness, is inoculate the people against such demonstrably rotten ideas and policies through promoting education, economic stability and, in the end, love for one's fellow man.

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The only way to fight against Hitlerism, against NAZISM, against a chauvinistic ultra-nationalism rooted in race-base supremacy, irrationality and madness, is inoculate the people . . . - comments

Educate might have been a more moderate tenor than "inoculate". But, let us read a single passage provided by: Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler, translated by James Murphy at Project Gutenberg Australia ISBN 978-0944379042

"From time to time our illustrated papers publish, for the edification of the German philistine, the news that in some quarter or other of the globe, and for the first time in that locality, a Negro has become a lawyer, a teacher, a pastor, even a grand opera tenor or something else of that kind."

"While the bourgeois blockhead stares with amazed admiration at the notice that tells him how marvellous are the achievements of our modern educational technique, the more cunning Jew sees in this fact a new proof to be utilized for the theory with which he wants to infect the public, namely that all men are equal."

The quote fairly speaks to the commenter's observation but let the reader note the racial, religious prejudice and attack on the Age of Reason foundations of the modern democracy.

The attacks on the press in the quote, truth is the enemy, the disease model applied to religion and the glaring racism also fairly summarizes the motivations and belief's of the fans of Mein Kampf. These reflect their own beliefs. And who doesn't enjoy a healthy justification for prejudice.

It is not inappropriate to draw comparison and contrast to existing phenomena in the politics of today's movements, however, the utter absurdity of Hitler's propaganda is hardly a political treatise. It is a volume of hate. The owner's manual for the racist.

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I will not debate with you the matter. Either you understand what was Nazism, or you don't.

You don't.

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There are several Japanese manga versions of Mein Kampf, and even they contain disclaimers about the dangers of Hitler's psychotic rants.

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Hey you f&#king idiot Mods, how is it that kcjapans "Trump" comment is not off topic where you have deleted 3 of my "relevant" comments?

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Inoculate. Because fascism is a disease.

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Germans should be free to read this.

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Most europas have read Mein Kampf as their part of 20th century history.

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Where did Hitler get his hatred from? From the lies told by the media that Ludendorf was forced to sign the peace agreement, and that it was the Jews in Berlin that had "stabbed Germany in the back". The same media that are still lying to the public today. When a major writer, Seymour Hersh exposes the Obama White House and the compliance of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that they are supporting ISIS, the media is silent.

Taking a sucker punch at Trump is as weak as it gets, when the reality is the elite(Hillary..Obama) are selling weapons to the world.

as NYTimes reports, foreign arms sales by the United States jumped by almost $10 billion in 2014, about 35 percent, even as the global weapons market remained flat and competition among suppliers increased, thanks to multibillion-dollar agreements with Qatar, Saudi Arabia and South Korea.

How is it that thinking people can support the establishment knowing that they are War Pigs? It boggles the mind. As they throw stupid little sponge balls over "bigot" or "racist" or "sexist" all the while their leader is selling large amounts of weapons to the countries that love to kill. Hypocrites! Just like Hitler. Living in a dream world.

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Hitler would not have been able to accomplish anything without the support and backing of the elite. The same elite that backs Obama and Hillary in their warmongering. What's the difference?

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Six million dead Jews

So, until the dead in the Middle East from US bombs reaches 6 million, you're OK with that.

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What's the difference?

So, if Hitler would have killed muslims, it would have been OK with you.

Moderator: Please tone down your rhetoric, which is too hostile toward other contributors.

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Mein Kampf is a good read, considering that a as artist he socialist with a lot of the Viennese Jews.

Not sure what made him fight for Bavaria which ended him in jail as a deserter and that where he wrote Mein Kampf. He was basically stripped of his Austrian citizenship and became German.

The book should be just as available as the Mao bible(read it).

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I think Mein Kampf says more about the people and their susceptibility in desperate times, than Hitler himself.

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In mid-2014, Germany’s federal and state justice ministers agreed that new editions without commentary should continue to be prevented after the copyright expires, likely using laws against incitement.

I suspect the edition they are releasing heavily distorts the meaning of the writings. Hopefully people interested in the subject will also have a look at the original unedited version, which I assume is available online.

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