Homeland Security Department guidelines seek to aggressively detain immigrants in U.S.


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It's nothing more than an ethnic and cultural roundup. It won't make even a slight dent in mass of undocumented in the U.S. or solve the huge, unmet need for change to our obsolete immigration system They will continue to enter somewhere, somehow. What it WILL do is throw red meat to howling Trumpsters while distracting them from the many false promises he made during the campaign to make their lives better. The actions he's taking to reduce consumer protection, weaken labor, education, and environmental standards, reduce financial accountability for middle class needs for credit and mortgage lending, attack Social Security and Medicare, install Wall Street billionaires to every key post ... these are actually assaults on the people who voted for him. Like any dictator, they distract the masses while consolidating power over them. By the time these poor idiots figure they've been had, it'll be too late. SAD.

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Why not open camps? Seems to fit the current ideology...

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@crazyj By the time these poor idiots figure they've been had,

I don't think many will. It's doubtful many of Trump's true believing followers will see any faults in their political messiah. They have taken a faith-based approach to their worship of him which requires suspending critical thinking. And that assumes, of course, they were ever capable of doing so.

If things under Trump go south, Trump's followers will round up and blame the right's usual suspects, including the media, DC establishment, globalists, and their single greatest enemy: liberals.

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They have taken a faith-based approach

In more ways than one.

When the First Centerfold™ opens a Trump rally with the Lord's Prayer, he can lie all he wants.

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The immigration system is certainly broken, but I don't think you can seriously argue that this gives anybody the moral or legal right to live and work in the US illegally. The law is the law. In fact, it's arguable that the lack of proper enforcement is precisely why there has been almost no impetus to actually fix the system over the years. If immigrants had respected the law and stopped coming illegally, there would have been a massive labour shortage by now. Congress would have been forced to act decades ago.

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Shouldn't the headline include the word "illegal" to modify "immigrant"? Seems like a significant (and telling) omission to me...

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It's doubtful many of Trump's true believing followers will see any faults in their political messiah.

That sounds Exactly like the Republicans voice over the last eight years.

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It seems to me that the United States is just moving towards a policy on illegal immigrants that is more closely in line with those of its allies including Japan, Australia and other developed countries. It is irresponsible for the media to report on efforts to detain "immigrants" when, in fact, the policy is targeting "illegal immigrants". I understand that the Left seeks to instill hysteria for its political aims but it is shameful for the media to uncritically repeat the Left's talking points.

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