Homeless Australian man who helped thwart attack charged with theft

By Trevor Marshallsea

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I’d say it’s a surprise but There’s good and bad in everyone. Can’t deny either. Good job on the day of the attack. You saved lives!! God bless you. But these other issues will need to follow the course as well. Good luck to you. And spend that money wisely please.

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He deserves no money.

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He deserves no money.

tell that to the thousands who donated. I would’ve too, if I knew. we are quick to categorize people but the conscience of the majority of the people in this world is dynamic. It’s human nature.

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He deserves no money

He did what he had to do to survive, and with all the money that's been donated, he freely turned himself in. By his own words, he was tired of carrying the guilt with him.

He deserves every penny.

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leading to A$140,000s ($100,000) being raised for him in an online funding drive.

I'd be far more curious to know how much money Australian taxpayers 'crowdfunded' for Hassain Khalif Shire Ali over the years.

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Use the fund money to pay back the burglary victims

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Donate to a total stranger if you wish but don't ever complain afterwards.

People think they are helping but the person in need are not the ones you see going on TV.

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