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Zelaya's plane circles Honduran runway, but can't land


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Good, I hope that Honduras continues to fight this radical. I hope he never returns to the country where he tried to become a dictator...

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I wish the Hondurans a lot of luck as the Obama administration aligns its self with the Cuban and Venezulan dictators and not the Honduran people trying to preserve their freedoms.

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ALl in all, if they wanted him out, and have all thsoe allegations, they could have done it in a smarter way. Instead, they are making him look like a victim, instead of the criminal they could have proved him as.

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[President Barack Obama has united with Chavez...]

Oh Good greif!! Come on Obama! This trying to make up to your enemies and look like you are a good guy thing only makes you look foolish at home. This could be America's biggest mistake trumping the GW one.

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Publicity stunt. If he was serious, he would use a helicopter.

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The Hondourans have made a mess but they did what was necessary. Let Chavez keep the bum for a while. Don't need any more dictators in the world.

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Coups are never "necessary." Regardless of how much you hate the ruler in turn, he did not commit any real crimes, nor was he tried in a criminal court.

While I'm far from being a Zelaya fan, the democratic institutions MUST be preserved, otherwise democracy as a system fails. The coup d'etat is a disgrace for Honduran democracy and will further destabilise a region that has had its fair share of illegal military interventions in politics. Like it or not, Zelaya is the rightfully elected leader of the country, and the only way to oust him is through people's votes, not military force.

Honduran news channels have been heavily censored (only one channel shows government-directed news), local journalists persecuted and foreign ones expelled, and security tightened to the point that constitutional civil liberties have been curtailed (mandatory curfews, phone-tapping, prohibition of free speech and assembly). If the coup was indeed so popular among the population there would be no need for this. All they are creating is a future uprising of extremist groups and more violence.

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Note to self: Be sure to include a mechanism for impeachment in next constitution.

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