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Hong Kong's largest national security trial opens

By Xinqi SU

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Interesting to see how many were supported by a foreign country. Time will tell.

-17 ( +1 / -18 )

RodneyToday 01:52 pm JST

Interesting to see how many were supported by a foreign country. Time will tell.

Interesting, do you have facts to back your statement up ?

11 ( +11 / -0 )

When democracy activists are being persecuted and prosecuted in Hong Kong, that ain't TWO SYSTEMS. That's one system pretending to be two.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

When democracy activists "disappear" and end up in China, it becomes crystal clear : there is only one legal system in China. HK is part of it.

Zero difference between mainland China and HK - zero freedom in either. Boycott Hong Kong.

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It was too late when the world realised China’s ‘One Country-Two systems’ agreement on Hong Kong was a well-thought-out plan to subjugate Hong Kong completely. However, in spite of the onslaught, Hong Kong stands against China!

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@Ossan NO! During the British colonial rule in Hong Kong for 150 years, if local people criticized British ruling or the British Imperial system shall be expulsion out of Hong Kong. Be they were pro-Communists (CCP) or pro-Nazionalists(KMT), these hard core political fanatics will be send to China or Taiwan. The British never given your so called: Democracy. It was after 1978, the British iron hands was soften but still the old colonialism, at least the govonor of H.K. was appointed by No.10 not the local HKers!

-5 ( +0 / -5 )

YrralToday  10:00 pm JST

Japan is not a free society either,

Japan and other democratic counries do not prosecute their citizens for expressing opinions counter to the position of their governments. China does. You have no concept of what a "free society" means. And no, you're about as American as China is on a Peaceful Rise.

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