Hong Kong's largest national security trial to begin with 47 pro-democracy figures in dock

By Su Xinqi and Jerome Taylor

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The defendants say they have been targeted for normal opposition politics

In authoritarian systems like China. (also Russia and Iran and North Korea, each among the globe's staunchest anti-west states) any opposition will be targeted by the rulers. The authoritarians will not allow any challenges to their control. Mao knew this, so did Stalin, so do Xi Jinping, Putin, Kim and the Ayatollah. Authoritarians fear freedom, and their supporters back them, especially when they restrict the freedoms the 'others' might have. The far right in democracies around the world are little different in their beliefs.

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I guess the Chinese government believes the audience for this trial is the domestic audience, because outside of China this kind of prosecution reflects really badly on the PRC. Hong Kong and its people had a truly unique history and experienced relatively free lives towards the end of British rule.

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At the time of transfer, I'd wondered whether Hong Kong would take over China or the opposite. The latter is clear.

Anyone with a brain has already fled or is preparing to do so. Hong Kong without its talent and the environment to express it is just a barren rock.

17 ( +18 / -1 )

Supporting young people throwing molotov cocktails at police was a kind of "Pro Democracy"? That was really a big news for me!

-25 ( +2 / -27 )

Funny how the west now wants "democracy" in HK. Especially when the imperfect democracy they have now is far better than when it was a UK colony.

Is this really about democracy or just another China bashing exercise?

-26 ( +1 / -27 )

Ridiculous to say the least.

A national security trial of pro-democracy figures in a territory where China broke it's promise of allowing Hong Kong govern itself.

20 ( +20 / -0 )

Hong Kong has been turned into a terror-state - simply a province of Communist China. Freedom of movement and ideas is ruthlessly controlled. Dissenters of the Communist government go "missing" - almost certainly to be "re-educated" on the mainland.

It is sadly too late for those in HK who hoped for freedom. The place is now a mere sewer of China - to be avoided and boycotted.

18 ( +19 / -1 )

Makes a total farce of the one country, two systems. HK was duped into believing it could be possible. Taiwan certainly won't.

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I'm sure they will get a fair trial...

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The trial of 47 of Hong Kong's most prominent pro-democracy figures begins on Monday, in the largest prosecution under a national security law that has crushed dissent in the city.

A show trial. Their guilt has already been decided, as have their sentences. They may let one or two off to show they have a "fair" system, but its all a sham. Most will be treated harshly simply for wanting something better for their city and country and their people.

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The show trial will last two days, sentence of 10 years, next case please.

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Taiwan does not want to end up like this. Can anyone blame them?

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Is this really about democracy or just another China bashing exercise?

Hopefully both.

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Japan has show trial, even in America,where the judge know a defendant is guilty,it still up for the government to prove it case,no rubber stamps verdict

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The Chinese Communist Party lies so often you can never take their words at face value

Meanwhile, Taiwanese are watching all this and thinking - do we want the same thing to happen to us?

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Yet another Chinese Communist witch hunt plays out on the world stage in Hong Kong. How many more "Groundhog Days" of State persecution and terror must humanity endure before we figure out how to put a collar and chain on governments and learn to live free without fear of speaking the truth to power?

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48 when the Chinazis drag away the bloke in the photo.

1 ( +1 / -0 )

Not sure if this is the kind of future Taiwanese are looking forward to. I suspect not.

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If any adult citizen of the city cannot run for office, that isn't a democracy. Govt rules that require the current rulers to approve who can run are anti-democracy. There are already sufficient aids for incumbents to win that preventing challengers, regardless of their wacky ideas just isn't necessary.

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