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Hong Kong's plan for a new national security law deepens fears over eroding civil liberties


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"Resistance is futile." The Borg

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The evil dragon slowly chews and swallows it's victim. Eyes are on Taiwan next....

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concerns are spreading among the city's international business and media communities.

Concerns? Every international company remaining in police state Hong Kong are asleep at the wheel. I hope they all get burned.

Hong Kong is the sewer of China. A repressive, totalitarian, freedom-despising nightmare - and anyone who has connections with HK deserves everything they get.

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‘War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.' Orwell certainly got it right.

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eroding civil liberties???? What liberties do the still have?

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@Protest:  once the CCP is given the boot

That would be nice to think, but I worry that large numbers of individuals in countries like Chin, and its partner authoritarian states, want to be controlled by big brother in some form; that they might even fear personal freedom, which they've never dealt with nor have many of their ancestors. What worries me even more are those living in democracies that want to be ruled by an authoritarian regime, even though some of their ancestors might have fought in wars against authoritarian regimes.

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