Hong Kong 'patriots only' election falls flat with record low turnout

By Edward Cho and Dorothy Kam

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Because it's a freaking waste of time.

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Another broken promise by China. They agreed to let HK remain autonomous for 50 years after the turnover from the UK in '97.

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seriously, it is not election, it is just a bunch of "patriots" playing sands. what a drama

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As predicted by everyone.

The turnout when the pro-democracy candidates were running was a record-high 71%, and they won a landslide. Now that the "election" [sic] is Beijing Bootlickers Only, the turnout is a record-low 27.5%. And this is despite that fact that tens of thousands of pro-democracy citizens have already left the territory due to Xi's brutal crackdown and wanton trashing of the Sino-British Joint Declaration.

It's very clear what the people of Hong Kong want - and it's not the Chinese Communist Party.

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Its very sad to see what the CCP is doing to Hong Kong and its people.

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I always wonder if people like John Lee and the despicable Carrie Lam are really true believers or just more functionaries saying what they believe their CCP handlers want them to say. In other words, how do they really feel about themselves in the privacy of their lonely rooms? I mean, they set back humanity by decades but are happy to parrot the "stability of patriots' rule, blah, blah."

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Only the crazy genocidal dictatorship of China infestation of Hong Kong, can such a act of democratic fakery be presented as a mandate to govern.

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China is in control. Why would you expect a fair election?

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Loved Hong Kong.

CCP trashed it.

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Go figure.

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Well done Hong- Kongers! Send them a silent but powerful message.

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Good. Deny the Ba$Tess of Beijing the credibility they so desperately crave.

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Hong Kong is China..

Like it or not..

Same for Chinese province of Taiwan..


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Hong Kong 'patriots only' election falls flat with record low turnout

How is that good? Hong Kong seems to be having a bit of a patriot shortage. Have you done your part, comrade?

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What the democrats need to do in Hong Kong SAR is to act and behave like Beijing puppets as a group, when once they are in office and have sufficient numbers, vote to create a democratic, representative, govt there. I'd love to see the red faces in Beijing if/when that happens.

That's where Hong Kong "Patriots" come into action, doing what's right for Hong Kong.

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Elections within China are a falsehood. What are you voting for ?

None of those so called "Politicians" can do anything for you outside of the "Party" line... unless you pay them heftily... which is of course illegal isn't it ? (at least when found out).

So the 27.5% turn out was made by whom ?

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