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Hong Kong activist says desire for freedom led her to flee to Canada

By Jessie Pang and Joyce Zhou

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CCP behaving like we expect the CCP to behave.

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Good riddance, Canada is a good place for people who like making political troubles. There you can do whatever you like, just leave Hong Kong for people who taking care of business seriously!

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Hong Kong authorities agreed to allow her to travel to Toronto for a master's degree programme this year, but only if she agreed to a one-day trip to the Chinese city of Shenzhen, where Chow said she was chaperoned by five police officers and photographed at a "patriotic" exhibition showcasing China's achievements, and the headquarters of technology firm Tencent.

The Chinese corporatocracy with guided, centrally-planned characteristics will likely pursue Chow with their overseas IT, and political arms.

She needs to be provided with a secure position by Canadian or American governmental institutions so this brave girl can continue her good works free from CCP propagandization and abuse. She has suffered enough and must not be made into an example for their propagandization efforts.

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Hong Kong is now just another part of the Chinese dictatorship. Anyone looking for an once of freedom needs to plan an exit.

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