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Hong Kong campus stalemate persists as U.S. bill sets up China clash

By Nicolas Asfouri and Yelim Lee

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Donny is not going to sign this bill. No way.

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Trump will get a 'wonderful letter' from Xi and decide not to sign it.

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While I greatly respect the people of Hong Kong for fighting for their beliefs and rights. I think the US government is doing more harm than good.

Why antagonize China? Should China take more drastic measures against Hong Kong, I am very sure the US will not intervene. So their bill would only be poking the Hornets nest with no intention of actually barring their claws at China.

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China should pass an American Minorities Human Rights and Democracy Act

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Seems Trump and the Republican Party are going all out to see how many countries and people they can piss off in Trumps presidency term, last week was the Palestinians and the UN, over Israeli settlements, Now beside a trade war with China, now they are throwing petrol on the fire . Plus how many US domestic laws and parts of the US constitution Trump and his clowns have trampled over. Don't impeach, just vote Trump and the rest of the circus out of Washington and try and rescue the US's reputation home and abroad.

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Can Hong Kong change? What is China supposed to do?

According to the Sino-British Joint-declaration, the Chinese government can’t:

-Arrest Hong Kong citizens.

-Meddle with HK affairs.

The Sino-British Joint-declaration also stipulates that

“The current social and economic systems in Hong Kong will remain unchanged […] for 50 years.”

There was no universal suffrage in 1997. According to the same Joint-Declaration, social systems shall not change until 2047.

Does this mean social and economic change is not allowed but political change is? Is a political system a part of the social system?

The Hong Kong government is not a CCP lackey but puppet leaders controlled by tycoons that want access to the Chinese market like any western capitalist. This isn’t about the CCP or democracy imo. It’s the problem of corporate interest in the US except with Hong Kong real estate tycoons.

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What does Russia have to say about this?

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Seems Trump and the Republican Party are going all out to see how many countries and people they can piss off in Trumps presidency term,

This bill was unanimously supported by both parties. Not a single dissenter on either side. What do you say to that?

I don't think it was a wise move. Just emotional politics that will aggravate the situation. Once again, the US is playing checkers while China is playing chess.

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Donny is not going to sign this bill. No way.

> Bart Fargo

Trump will get a 'wonderful letter' from Xi and decide not to sign it.

> expatToday

Trump hasn't got the guts to sign it. The way things are going, he may not even get the chance.

OK, great! We have predictions. And predictions are always a great reality check for credibility. You make correct predictions, you are credible. You make wrong predictions, you are not credible.

I have not read enough about the content of this bill to be absolutely sure, but based on what this article says, namely that favourable excemptions for HK will be lifted if Peking reneges on HKs status, it is sensible and Trump will sign it.

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Instead of predicting whether Trump will sign it or not, people should just read


It is pretty clear on how US law is passed. Even if he does not sign it, if no answer in 10 days, it will still become law.

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I feel sorry for HKG, the China govt is clearly reneging on  the UK deal big time, not sure how much the west can figure into all this but we should show support for HKG vs being consumed by the Chinese MONSTER!

It would be a huge shame for HKG to succumb to the mainland commies who only have self preservation in mind they don't give a damn about HKG or mainland Chinese people, only about maintaining power

As I have been saying for ages we need to STOP feeding the MONSTER that is the Chinese govt!

Three cheers for HONG KONG!!!

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I admire the Hong Kong people. But not the Hong Kong Police who are Hong Kong people.

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The US shouldn't pass a law specific to Hong Kong. It should pass a similar law for dealing with all non-democratic govts world-wide.

We should have cut off trade with mainland China in the early 2000s when it was clear China was systematically stealing patents, copyrights, and performing corporate espionage. US companies were afraid to complain, so no govts would have proof to take the right steps. Everyone hoped that China would learn "fair play" in business, which hasn't happened.

Cut them off. US based companies need to pull out of China completely. Cisco, Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Tesla, and whatever Trump's seeds are doing. Rip off that band-aid. Sooner is less painful than later.

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america, mind yr own business. China is always ready to take care of themselves.

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Point is it's in the record which will be reviewed by future Presidents and Congresses to determine how friendly to be with the communist government. It's in the history books. And, in, closing, just say NO to communism.

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