Hong Kong court convicts man in first national security trial

By Yan Zhao and Louise Delmotte

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He was pressing his motor bike hard and willfully hitting three poice officers! An attempt of homicides!

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Life under a dictatorship.

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An attempt to murder three police officers from behind was a very serious felony! If there is an excuse to defend such man or his actions was malicious! I cannot link a reason that his attempt has anything to do with the political system! I saw the news coverage of his actions, I can say that!

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Do not visit Hong Kong. Do not buy their products. Do not use their services. Do support their refugees.

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Outrageous and disgusting conviction of a freedom fighter.

Hong Kong is a dangerous, authoritarian police state that is falling apart by the day.

Boycott Hong Kong, Boycott Communist China, Boycott the Genocide Games 2022.

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Let’s get some objectivity into this. It’s fair to say there isn’t a democracy in the world that wouldn’t indict someone for deliberately riding a motorbike at police officers, if that’s what this man actually did.

But it’s also fair to say that there isn’t a democracy in the world that would indict someone for holding a flag with a political slogan on it, even one relating to secession. It’s also essential to consider context here - i.e. the draconian takeover by a totalitarian state of a territory that was supposed to maintain a special political status for many decades to come.

Which of the two crimes this man was alleged to have committed do readers think was the most serious one as far as the CCP was concerned?

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He was pressing his motor bike hard and willfully hitting three poice officers! An attempt of homicides!

Not being privy to the circumstances of this case I'm not competent to judge the merits of the prosecution, but if it were violence perpetrated by the police, then, no doubt about it, their government bosses would turn a blind eye and be, unsurprisingly, oh so forgiving of their despicable actions. Btw what's the Chinese for "Kangaroo"?

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It also allows for cases to be tried by judges instead of juries and bail is largely denied for those arrested.

Should be judged by a jury

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Tong Ying-kit, 24, was charged with secession and terrorism after he drove a motorbike into three police officers while flying a protest flag during a rally on July 1 last year, the day after the national security law was enacted.

There is a clip of the incident on Censortube. It is not clear if he rammed the police on purpose or by accident. He is certainly guilty of some sort of dangerous driving, but that is not what the CCP cangaroo court is throwing him in jail for. They are interested in his anti-CCP stance, which is not tolerated in CCP China.

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First of many... Godspeed.

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Can it be called a trial, if the verdict is predetermined, by Xi?

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