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Hong Kong democracy advocate seeks asylum in Britain


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Leung Kin-ip, deputy commissioner of Hong Kong's correctional services, condemned Chung for "evading responsibility and blatantly endangering national security".

For 3 yrs, he was treated like an enemy of the state. What would you expect to happen? Not very bright people in the CCP. Even in Hong Kong where they were told the truth about Mao killing more Chinese people than any other dictator in the world, they get in line with the CCP. Not very smart.

The only way out of hell for Hong Kong is for the CCP to fail.

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"one country two system"? if venomous cobra and talk and between it and chinese, without hesitation i will choose to believe cobra's promise rather than chinese. RIP Hong Kong

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StefanToday 02:13 pm JST

Proud of Hong Kong but wants live in the UK?

Is that so surprising that he would prefer to live in Hong Kong but that it has turned into an anti-democratic hellscape under the CCP?

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Proud of Hong Kong but wants live in the UK?

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If China wanted an easier time taking over Taiwan, they should have just allowed the Hong Kongers to keep their old rights for the time being and lulled Taiwan into a false sense of security, but they couldn't even do that.

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