Hong Kong democracy paper defiant as executives charged under security law

By Yan Zhao and Jerome Taylor

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The lights are going out in HK. My poor friends there.

Autocracies do not tolerate criticisms of the government or any kind of transparency, and those who try to shine a light on despotism are treated as enemies of the state.

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As the Washington Post's official motto succinctly puts it, "Democracy dies in darkness." As does any semblance of civil rights. RIP, HK.

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What a shame for China to snuff out this once vibrant city with its dynamic culture and economy. In the long run, these actions are going to hurt China in many, many ways.

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Lam needs to be arrested on treason charges.

All the police in that raid should be ashamed. Following an illegal order is a crime in many places.

I'm surprised not to read that Beijing didn't confiscate all the newspaper prints immediately.

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HK as it was, is over.

Anyone that thought the RotW was going to intervene was dreaming. The good guys only win in the movies.

If you can get out, do so. Otherwise protect yourselves as best you can. Martyr is a rubbish career.

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