Hong Kong irks Beijing with democracy vote


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Why would any self-respecting Communist want to defend the hideous despots in Beijing?

More than anyone, a true Communist can see them for what they are....

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Wait a second, where are all the pro-Communist voices?

Not a peep from them either?

Gee, I wonder why???

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HK was better off under British rule, rather then being handed back over in 97, they should've been offered a choice, remain an Overseas Territory or to join China.

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Ukraine: Let them vote!

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Ooops, The CCP thinks it can clamp down on HK's democratic ideology by slowly attempting to dissolve the basic democratic rights HK used to have and now do not want to lose in the slightest. I've always wondered why my ex from HK had kind of a snooty attitude for the "mainlanders".

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