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Hong Kong leader says city on brink as protesters unleash travel chaos

By Jerome Taylor and Elaine Yu

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Hmmm, I earlier had the notion that Hong Kong might make a good getaway, due to bargain air fares in the wake of cancellations. But I guess not.

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I don't know why China even tries to care about the two systems BS, just integrate HK into the rest of the country and be done with it.

-7 ( +3 / -10 )

Topshop and Zara are closed.  Must be a really serious crisis then.

China would love to do a Tiananmen on these lot, but know the dire consequences if they do.

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Hong Kong is a barren rock. Without its people, it is nothing - and, as a last resort, people can vote with their feet, as some are already doing: brain drain. Beijing knows this. That's why we haven't seen a Tienanmen scenerio yet. But Beijing has proven time and again willing to cut off its nose to spite its face. I sense tragedy approaching.

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My sympathy for the HK protesters, but they have no chance to prevail. The mainland China govt has all the time in the world and is not going to change their policy.

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Too late to be a city-state like Singapore.

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Protestors have attacked the homes of the police and their families.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

Beijing promised to respect Hong Kong's right to personal freedoms, but changed its mind.

Citizens of HK are protesting Beijing's decision to integrate HK into the rest of the dictatorship.

Beijing says that because of the protests, it may accelerate incorporating HK into its dictatorship.

This is what is known as a Catch-22, or a lose-lose situation. There is no way that ends in a win for the residents of Hong Kong. Protests or no protests, Hong Kong will be eliminated as a separate entity.

There is a down side in all of this for Beijing, as well. Hong Kong's role as a financial hub may disintegrate, costing Beijing considerable money.

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They have their own currency, own passports, own independent judiciary, own elections, and freedom of speech. This isn’t about democracy or a fight for democracy at all. It is gangster politics

Some Hong Kong guy killed his girlfriend in Taiwan. Hong Kong drafts a bill for extradition law for fugitives and two rival camps fight for control of the bill with protests over “worries” about this or that might happen with the bill.

Sit down peacefully and rewrite the bill. Learn how democracy works. Perhaps it isn’t the right system for you as you are proving.

This is not a democracy at all. Hong Kong is run by a bunch of tycoons anyway.

-1 ( +2 / -3 )

Carrie Lam needs to go.

All the Beijing hand-picked representatives need to go. That isn't democracy when you don't get to pick who runs. Anyone approved by Beijing shouldn't be on the ballot.

True leaders of Hong Kong need to call for a meeting and begin working through compromised solutions with the people. I say "people", since 20%+ of the population have been showing up to these demonstrations. It will only get worse until these talks happen.

Kongers know they messed up by not protesting years ago. This isn't a niche, side, group. It is everyone who isn't from the mainland.

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This is no longer a protesting, it is rioting, and the rioters must face the full strength of the law. Protesters do not burn cars, throw brick, attack other citizens, damage infrastructure, throw petrol bombs..., these are the actions of rioters.

If these "protesters" want a civil war they should make that clear and the authorities can tackle that appropriately. Now government, east, west or sideways can tolerate this chaos.

China must act to contain these rioters.

I am still not sure, and I don't think the rioters know, what exactly they want.

With Pompeo, wanting to install more medium range missiles in the Pacific, China will never grant independence to HK.

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Financial Companies in HK please come to Japan.

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A recent video has shown the Police were actually the White Shirted ones attacking Protesters ...

HK is messed up.

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China’s handling of this is Doesn’t give much incentive for Taiwan does it !?

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Hong Kong and Taiwan should cooperate together and join forces. An unstoppable confrontation to China.

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More likely Taiwan. Similar culture and language (at least one of the Chinese languages).

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Democracy can have only one definition: a government of the people, by the people and for the people. When these conditions are not fulfilled, the fundamental DEMOCRATIC RIGHT of the people then comes into effect: the overthrow BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY of those individuals in positions of power who are manifestly governing for their own personal interests and against the welfare of the people by trampling brazenly on their democratic rights.

Hong Kong may soon see such a scenario play out. If the people prevail, it will be called a revolution which is the people's ultimate weapon for defending their democracy. If they fail, enslavement by despotic government will be the dire consequence, possibly requiring a number of generations for the defeated to attain their freedom again.

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