Hong Kong opposition lawmakers ejected for heckling leader


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Truth hurts, doesn't it? Give it up, Lam.

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Great! That woman needs to step down already!!

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A government in denial!! They should bow out gracefully before something bad happens.

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From the ban ner this guy is holding, I have absolute no idea today is Halloween  in Hong Kong! Perhaps more anti Riot police must station on site!

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One wonders how much longer Beijing will tolerate Carrie Lam and continue to support her. She may have their backing now if the situation continues to get worse then I can see her reign being cut short quite quickly.

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Anti democratic authoritarian China deserves a worldwide trade ban....

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just say NO to communism and YES to democracy.

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China should just end Hong Kong its special status

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China should leave Hong Kong alone. International communities should punish China as China thinks it can bully people left and right.

Let China know that democracy is fair, and communism is totalitarian and can be of no good.

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China should just end Hong Kong its special status

How about we end your status (whatever that is) on this website first? Chinese scumbag.

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simon dan:

China should just end Hong Kong its special status

China promised Hong Kongs special status for the next 50 years IN WRITING. Are you saying China should break written contracts? And the world should do business with a country that breaks written contracts?

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