Hong Kong police arrest Apple Daily columnist on security charge


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So absolutely sad. Do NOT visit Hong Kong. Do NOT buy Chinese products. The only thing they understand is the money: squeeze 'em till it hurts.

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C’mon, China, you’ve made your point. Give it a rest. You have driven this hatred deep into people’s hearts.

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One wonders if Cheng Yuet-ngor, aka Carrie Lam, now regrets not retiring in 2012 and moving back to UK with her husband and two children as she originally planned to do before being tapped to lead, if that is the word for what she is doing, Hong Kong? She had to renounce her British citizenship for the job. Her husband and kids are UK citizens and reside there. She is therefore forever divorced from the rest of her family as the UK would likely arrest her upon arrival were she stupid enough to try.

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ed a columnist at pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily using a new national security law, days after the force raided its newsroom, arrested five executives and froze its assets.

For the anti-democracy, pro-authoritarian movement members, The above info must be pleasing to read, because big-state in the far rights’s world(preferably big state led by a 'strong-man (i.e. a man in the far right"s opinion who would shoot and or jail those who are not willing to follow him), shut down 'the media'

'the media' is a pejorative in the pro-authoritarian far right's lexicon. 

A free-for-profit press is an essential part of any properly functioning democracy. So the pro-authoritarians want to shut down outlets that have perspectives different from theirs. Like China is doing.

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Anytime time a news outlet is closed or raided by the authorities is BAD NEWS for Freedom and Democracy.

Freedom of expression is the CORE of all democracies, and if China thinks it can silence the people! IT IS DEAD WROG.

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