Hong Kong pro-democracy media executives appear in court

By Yan Zhao and Su Xinqi

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It was nice knowing you, Hong Kong.

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Extremely distressing events.They are sparing no expense nor manpower to seize assets and any and all incrementing information Apple Daily would have retained:

- “More than 500 police officers raided the paper's newsroom on Thursday, carting away computers, hard drives and reporters' notepads.“ -

By Thur’s account, Jun 17 in “Apple Daily editors arrested under Hong Kong security law”, it was reported “200 officers”.

- “More than 200 police officers were involved in the search of Apple Daily’s offices. The govt said a warrant was obtained to look for evidence of a suspected violation of the national security law.” -

The last vestiges of any free speech and free press are almost entirely gone for our beloved Hong Kong.

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I remember Hong Kong when it was a beautiful place without the treat of jail, violence, and democracy. Now, it's hellish at best.

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My heart bleeds for you Hong Kong

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Sad. Used to take the ferry there every three months when I lived in Taiwan to renew my visa. The people were so friendly and generous. Now they must suffer under the yoke of Zhongnanhai.

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Dissent happens when people aren’t happy. It’s pretty simple. And leaving the now cesspool is also illegal. So what can you do? Can’t leave can’t live. In 2021 it’s amazing that such stupidity continues, that’s its an criminal act to say NO, the Chinese supposed leaders, leading who? Those being lead aren’t interested. China you have no right no legitimate leadership role.

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Welcome to One Country, Two systems CCP style. It's goodbye to democracy and prison time for any dissenters.

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The people of Hong Kong now seem like helpless frogs in a wok with the temperature of oppression rising by the week, or it might be they are still hopeful citizens inside a Beijing pressure cooker which one day is destined to blow the lid off the blatant "communist" conspiracy to contain and constrain the eternal human dream of freedom from despotism and slavery to the state.

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Every single time I see this it sickens me. I seriously hope someday, some way the CCP gets a reckoning that will lay them low and reflect on their greed for power and control.

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Lam needs to be arrested on treason charges.

All the police in that raid should be ashamed. Following an illegal order is a crime in many places.

I'm surprised not to read that Beijing didn't confiscate all the newspaper prints immediately.

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