Hong Kong protesters face crucial weekend test after airport setback

By Jerome Taylor and Elaine Yu

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President Xi: "Donald Trump. He my Hong Kong Ding Dong. He not interfere. He like me."

Tell China to leave Hong Kong alone and honor the agreement with the British. If they intervene we should recognize Taiwan and sell them about 20 billion in weapons.

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CrazyJoe: "If they intervene we should recognize Taiwan and sell them about 20 billion in weapons."

What has Taiwan to do with HK?

If the protesters RIOT, then the full force of the law should be applied, as any other nations would do. All nations have riot police to quell riots, that why they have them. I think in the US they use the National Guard.

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Xi is a scary man dont let the kunfu panda poi fool you, fingers crossed for Hong Kong.

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I have been following the protests, but seems the police force clearly has been more violent in beatdowns and massive armory that they have compared to paper gas masks and throwing back what has been thrown at them. Keep going HK...

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If Xi sat down with the protesters, Trump said, "I'll bet he'd work it out in 15 minutes."

Oh, I am sure he would: he'd toss them into "reeducation" camps like he's currently doing with the Uighers.

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These protesters and there financiers know very well that HK is, and will always be Chinese territory. If they donot like it here, they can always migrate to the West, all of them have BNO (British National Overseas) passport, so migration is very easy. In the last few decades more than a million have already migrated, also after the last protests many sold there high value properties in HK, migrated and bought prime properties, eg: in California.

This protest as such has little to do with HK status but more to do with under mining China's global status and forcing China to do something drastic in HK, kind of a trap, hope the chinese leadership has thought it through and take a long term approach to this issue.

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Its already doomed and they have failed

Why? The protesters where expecting international condemnation of the PRC.

Which didn't happen.

More so, a few years after the transition, the British had a few agreements as part of the contract (sorry I don't have any sources ) which the Chinese violated

and when the UK diplomatically complained the Chinese threatened with trade disruptions and the UK caved in.

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It's over.

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1/3rd of Hong Kongers would immigrate outside China, if they could. Those who can are going to Canada, Australia, and Taiwan, in that order. Higher educated families were much more likely to leave.

The top three attractive factors of overseas countries for respondents planning to move were “ample living space” at 35 per cent, “better air quality, less pollution and beautiful environment” at 22.3 per cent, and “more liberty and better conditions for human rights” at 15.6 per cent.

Cathay Pacific CEO, Rupert Hogg, has resigned today. Lam should follow this excellent example.

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f they intervene we should recognize Taiwan and sell them about 20 billion in weapons.

That would break the status quo. China would love nothing more than to find a reason to take Taiwan.

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