Hong Kong protesters, police clash; 40 arrested


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This needs to get started on the mainland. The people have to say enough. Hong Kong gets it, Taiwan gets it, now if only the people in mainland China get on with it, the CCP can't do squat except make themselves look worse than they already are. Squandering the potential of their country by wasting time and resources on restricting the populace.

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Those students in Hong Kong are so courageous. Wish it would rub off on our Japanese students that don't know that they themselves are being led down the same path to totalitarian control. On the other hand Japan is lucky that the communists haven't had much luck taking control of politics here. The first to go will be the ballot boxes.

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Power to the people!

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@HonestDictator why? china 20 years ago was nothing and now its the 2nd largest world economy. why complain?

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@zin33 As China forces its way onto the world stage, many of us are eagerly awaiting the day they stop having ugly propaganda in their schools, which will probably be synonymous with the day the CCP is no longer in power.

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@Zin33 if you have to ask that, you don't get it. The Chinese Communist Party (aka the government system) is the problem. Its not so much the economic "power", its how it is being used. They're too controlling of the countries citizens and "private" corporations, and to top it off they're becoming more hostile to the surrounding nations showing that they believe their "economic power" equals the right to start military aggravation towards territory they want even though it doesn't belong to them. But then again you're most likely in China and you won't get to see this post because it will be censored or edited so you can't see it.

If the CCP was a truly democratic government (which means they would have to compete with the ROC in electoral votes by the regular citizenry who would be allowed to choose who can make decisions in their government and whose ideals to promote) , they wouldn't be trying to strip away the original democratic rights (under Britain) of Hong Kong citizens, but the CCP is not. The ROC in Taiwan is democratic. Citizens of Hong Kong are protesting to KEEP their democracy true instead of letting the CCP control who they get to vote for.

Ever wonder why Hong Kong became such a financial business powerhouse on a global scale (even though it was as a British colony) compared to mainland China? Because they had a democratic system that allowed the freedoms needed to build corporations in a manner that developed global recognition and support. CCPs version of economic power has received global recognition, but not the support.

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