Hong Kong protesters reject leader's concession with new rallies

By Jerome TAYLOR and Jasmine LEUNG

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"Millions of pro-democracy supporters have taken to Hong Kong's streets for the past three months in the biggest challenge to China's rule since the city's handover from Britain in 1997."

That is secession, a crime against the whole state, illegal by all international and state laws, and capital punishable.

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That is secession, a crime against the whole state, illegal by all international and state laws, and capital punishable.

All international and state laws? No it isn't. The right to protest peacefully is a defining characteristic of democracies worldwide, enshrined in law. And even when protests turn violent in those countries, often as a result of heavy-handed police reactions, the idea of capital punishment for protest is abhorrent and illegal.

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Lam has to go. She doesn't represent Hong Kongers and clearly never has. She's 3 months too late on the only action really needed to solve the issue.

Hong Kong knows about freedoms unlike the mainland. They need to get their message there, so Beijing has more to worry about than the SAR.

1 person, 1 vote for the representatives selected by the people is a very powerful message.

Here's hoping that China will lead the world in being the greatest democracy anywhere where the govt isn't afraid of educated, free, people.

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Hong Konger view.

My sense, watching the protests these last few nights live is that while they are still there, they are definitely smaller. No one is talking about tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions. Now we are talking tens, hundreds, maybe thousands.

Two nights ago, they came to my place. My thought was Platoon 1 and Platoon 2 - they no longer have the numbers to form a tight formation. The biggest opposition was when the police chased them one of the nearby residental areas and the residents did not like the idea of police coming in.

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It can only but end in Tears...

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