Hong Kong publishers spooked, pull anti-China books off shelves

By Kalum Chen and Rain Liang

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Paul Tang, the owner...expected it to “migrate to other nearby countries” like Taiwan or Japan....

The authorities in the PRC can repress all they'd like, but short of confining their citizens to the Mainland, they will never stop the diffusion of information.

Oh, and this must give the Taiwanese great pause as they consider closer relations with China. Can't have it both ways, Xi.

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And the Chinese wonder why a democratic Taiwan is averse to reunification!

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The first article in the US Bill of Rights ensures, among other things, the freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. It is obvious that the PRC does not have anything similar to the American Bill of Rights, however imperfectly it has been applied.

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Same effect as burning the books

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he expected it to “migrate to other nearby countries” like Taiwan or Japan

If you ask the Chinese, they will tell you that Taiwan is not a foreign country, and whether they would try the same techniques there remains to be seen.

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Hong Kong, a former British colony handed back to China in 1997, is constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and autonomy from Beijing for 50 years.

I am surprised the "constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and autonomy " has lasted this long.

There is nothing the UK can do to stop China from doing what ever it likes in HK, as it has been returned to China.

When China got HK back, it was the begining of the dark days for the HK people.

Things can only get worse for the people of HK as China enforces its views on them and there is nothing the rest of the world can do to stop China.

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Not at all surprising. The Chinese government can't help themselves. Dissent must be squashed. It will be interesting to see what happens in China as their economy starts to unravel, and whether or not the Communist party can keep a lid on internal unrest.

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Proof once again that China is out of control and WILL start the next world war. Just look at their past actions. Making people disappear is nothing compared to the island building they are doing in the South China seas right next to the Philippines. If you point out what is wrong with China, it just gets rid of you. China's moto is "you don't like it, tough!"

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NHK transmission in China was blocked for 5 minutes when they reported this story

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