Hong Kong students protest over 'brainwashing' classes


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Fight the power!

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Teach the rest of China HONG KONG'S point of view instead.

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Hong Kong should stay independent of Communist China and it's propaganda.

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This kind of brainwashing is what the lunatic Abe and his sleazy mate Hashimoto want to bring to Japan.

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Stupid China, patriotism must come from within, not something imposed compulsory.

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Hong Kong belongs to PRC. They all would have to take such a lesson of the Communist. If people don't want it, better leave there for free country.

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China is communist in name only, those in power profess to be communists, which my amigos in CUBA just laugh, and say, hahaha, the Chinese have no idea what real communism is, but the Chinese do understand the power of the almighty $$$$, this is where Cubans in Cuba and Chinese do not meet eye to eye.

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My ex was from HK, I don't think she lives there anymore. Either she's still in the US or in Panama now.

@Lostrune, EXACTLY

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You might say that the Chinese government is no longer "communist" but it is a command economy with absolute power wielded by a single party that controls the state, the bureaucrats, the press, and education. Facists, then?

Either way this effort to indoctinate the students is another good example of how bad the government in China is. And yet they whine that they ought to be treated as equals. Sorry, Japan, Europe and the US are way ahead of China and the Chinese government is not making the changes necessary to catch up. As was pointed out, just chasing $$$$ is not going to result in a modern civil society. In fact, just chasing money results in corruption. That's a problem that's getting worse in China and the leadership is part of the problem.

I wish the average Chinese citizen the best of luck.

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"Teacher, leave those kids alone!"

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Probably one of the greatest comments. They can't FORCE this. The citizens of Hong Kong do not want their children to be brainwashed. I don't want to see the freedom Hong Kongians enjoy slip down the slope.

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Hong Kong belongs to PRC. They all would have to take such a lesson of the Communist. If people don't want it, better leave there for free country

kwatt, utter garbage. Hong Kong and Macau are SARs - Special Administrative regions - i.e. semi autonomous - we are most definitely NOT part of communist China, politically speaking & we turn out every year in our tens of thousands to remember the Tiananmen Square massacre- this is not allowed or even mentioned on the mainland. Interestingly, mainland visitors are starting to come to this event and learn a few things. The HK govt. had backed down on the national education issue this evening- schools will be free to choose & I can only hope they will ignore this daft plan. I passed by the the protest last night & there must have been 100,000 people there, not the 40,00 that the kowtowing police counted.

Anyway, I must get some sleep, it's election day in HK tomorrow & we all will go out to vote, cos we live in a sort of democracy... -ish... more than our immediate neighbors do, anyway.

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