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Hong Kong unionist jailed for taking sister's phone, laptop before search


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"The nature of the offense is of a serious nature, and imprisonment is inevitable," Tsang said.

Clearly a fair trial will be held. Any judge pre-disposed to sentencing needs to recuse themselves from the case. Justice 101. Judge Tsang cannot be on this trial, period.

If there wasn't any evidence and no influence over the case, I fail to see that any harm was performed to anyone, including the state. Effectively, no crime was committed, so there's no need for anything except an apology from the HK state for inconveniencing Marilyn Tang. I won't hold my breath for that apology.

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Can’t follow the jump in logic here, but maybe it makes sense to someone in authority?

Quote: The court heard that Marilyn entered Elizabeth's residence twice after her sister's arrest, removing a laptop computer and a mobile phone before police carried out a search.

The devices were not interfered with and did not contain any criminal evidence, nor did they bear any influence on her sister's case, said the sentencing judge Tsang Hing-tung on Thursday.

"The nature of the offense is of a serious nature, and imprisonment is inevitable," Tsang said.

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So, the filth that are the HK authorities are so scared of a couple of sisters in their 60s they need locking up? Pathetic.

Hong Kong - the sewer of China. Anyone who doesn't boycott is complicit.

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"Add oil" (加油) means gambare, BTW. It sounds pointless to just present it literally here.

In any case, we can watch the kind of process some might be happy to implement, with the misguided backing of their credulous supporters, in some large western countries happening here in HK right before our eyes .

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What do you expect?

china has become Nazi Germany.

Say something wrong and disappear

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Hong Kong needs to resist, fight back, protest, rebel, if they want Democracy. It's not easy, but it's what needs to be done since Freedom is never free.

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It is well past the time that the rest of the world says enough is enough to China and stops all imports and exports to them, a total embargo on all goods and travel in and out. Yes, of course it will hurt some people and some companies but you can't make an omelette without breaking some eggs and China has to be taught a lesson. Many may say that it is unworkable but China has to be damaged financially in a big way so as to get their attention, either rejoin the human race or be excluded.

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perverting the course of justice

In other words, not conforming to CCP doctrine (i.e. you will be assimilated or suffer)

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