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Hoping to isolate Russia, U.S. woos China on Ukraine


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Oh, hell no.... how many ways can you say, "stupid!" Lesson should have been learned already! You shouldn't have 2 countries on the UNSC, China is number one but too late now. China will expect the US to let them have free reign on their current propaganda to "garner" their support against Russia. Right now they're both cut from the same cloth.

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Looks like Obama is negotiating with the devil to combat the beast.

I wonder what the devil will ask in return.

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However, it remained unclear whether China would side with the U.S. and Europe or with Moscow< Gosh, that's a head sctatcher all right.

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Why are our politicians in Washington always trying to show their stupidity, ignorance and inability to use common sense! China has beat them to death over the last 20 years and these politicians must love the punishment because they keep going back for more, such as the KMT party of Taiwan when it comes to dealing with the communists of China, they never learn their lesson. As for our politicians here in the US, I guess any excuse to try and convince the American public that China is a friend only leads to the politicians trying to keep the public in favor of the US-China, business deals that keeps the money flowing into our politicians bank accounts handed to them by the US businesses based in China, as these company's thank you presents for the policies passed in the corporations favor of selling out our economy to China and off our shores! Problem is it is like a race by all nations to sell themselves short for a piece of China. Could it all be based on greed or is it competition that has distorted everyone's moral base? Remember... the world did just fine without China in the past! Now look at the headaches when it comes to anything and everything.......CHINA!

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"Obama appealed to China’s well-known and vehement opposition to outside intervention in other nations’ domestic affairs"

The Chinese don't seem to have any problem intervening in Tibet.

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Desperate man grasping at straws. Terrific foreign policy.

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'The Chinese don't seem to have any problem intervening in Tibet'.

Using Tibet again? Ever look at a mirror? When you leave and return the land to your natives Ainu, Okinawa, Buraku people, your indigenous minorities. Set an example, would you?

http://www.hrdc.net/sahrdc/hrfeatures/HRF56.htm Japan’s minorities yet to find their place in the sun

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Remember... the world did just fine without China in the past!

doubt you really mean this. china, along with egypt, greece and a few other ancient civilizations contributed greatly to humanity.

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