Horrors revealed at virus-hit Canada nursing home

By Anne-Sophie THILL

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Horrible. This is what can happen when you outsource your family obligations.

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instead judging other countries maybe we should look inward and make sure we protect our elderly.

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Sickening! I think the owner should be charged for every single death, as well as the massive payouts he's going to have to make in the class action lawsuits. He's toast. That won't come as much comfort to many of the families I'm sure, though.

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These people did not die of coronavirus, they died of negligence.

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These people did not die of coronavirus, they died of negligence.

You’d have a point if all the deaths were being attributed to the coronavirus; however:

At least five of the 31 recent deaths at the home have been officially attributed to the virus, with the others still being investigated by a coroner.

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Oh Montreal.. why I'm not surprised

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Oh Montreal.. why I'm not surprised

You would be surprised to know negligence in eldery houses is a worldwide matter

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I call my mother's nursing home almost every day because she has asthma and this virus would wipe out their residents in a day. This is a major health issue. We need to at least at a local level maintain some level of physical distancing and cleaning to minimize the possibility of spreading this virus. This is common sense.

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RecklessToday 01:59 pm JST

Horrible. This is what can happen when you outsource your family obligations.

That's easy to say, but hard to actually do. Every situation is different, but suppose your mother/father/grandparents can't eat by themselves, can't go to the toilet by themselves and can't have a shower by themselves. Would you do all that for them? Would you really tend to your mother/father/grandparents with enough care after coming back home from a hard day at your job?

Also, some elderly simply need extra care, they can't be left alone else the risk of injury would be high.

And some people have to, you know... work so they have an income...

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Ah, Quebecois, you so disappoint me...

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Just a bit more on this case. This was a private facility that charged up to $CAC 10,000 per was not a place for the poor to live.

For those interested in the owner, read this:

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This could only happen in Canada. The owner, Chowieri, is a long-term professional criminal kingpin. Unfortunately, Canadian courts don't like to keep such people in jail for long periods, especially ones in the narcotics trade. I have long argued that incarceration isn't just about punishment - but protection and safety of potential victims. He was also an immigrant who began is career in crime shortly after arriving. So why wasn't he deported?

Chowieri would have been in jail or kicked out of the country in most other countries, and his victims would be alive today instead of dead.

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