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Netanyahu rejects any Palestinian sovereignty in postwar Gaza, rebuffing Biden


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After Netanyahu's statement, a spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called for the United States to go further. "It is time for the United States to recognize the state of Palestine, not just talk about a two-state solution,” Nabil Abu Rudeineh said in a statement.

Well that spokesman speaks for PNA and definitely not Hamas, Hamas does not want a two-state solution, as they do not recognize Israel, PNA officially needs to state that they do not recognize Hamas.. than they have a point.

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Netanyahu will be gone after this war. Even his defense minister disagrees with his stance.

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Non-starter to establish another independent terrorist state like Iran.

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How come from 1948 to 1967 the Arabs in that region didn't establish their so called "Palestine" state?

On that thought, has anyone ever seen a Palestinian coin? Know of a Palestinian leader other than the Egyptian born Yasser Arafat? Seen any archaeological sites where anything was found indicating a Palestinian people over 2000 years ago? Palestinian language?

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All this announcement from Israel does is destroy the pretense, ongoing for about twenty years, that Israel would coexist with a mythical Palestinian state if one were allowed to be created. There has never been any intention to give Palestine actual sovereignty. Please do not assume that what Palestine has now is actual sovereignty. All trade into Palestine is controlled by Israel. Any crimes commited by Israelis on Palestinian soil are tried by the Israelis. Israel has built hundreds of illegal settlements on Palestian soil and connects them with Israeli only roads. That is nothing approaching actual sovereignty. It is colonization and invasion by stealth.

I see the announcement here as good news, because I am weary of apologists for Isreal talking about a two state solution that was never ever going to happen. The actual solution is a one-state solution with a secular state that respects all religions and races. The ol' "keep religion out of politics" one. Jews are no more entitled to a state than any flavour of Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, or whatever.

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Israeli media spokesman added "necrophilia " to the list of atrocities committed by Hamas on Oct .

Where to go from that ?

I'd add something but it'd get blocked.

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In a sign of the pressures Netanyahu’s government faces at home, thousands of Israelis protested in Tel Aviv calling for new elections, and others demonstrated outside the prime minister’s house,

Good to see Israelis with a moral compass on demonstrating against the war criminal Naziyahoo.

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yamada1043Today  08:52 am JST

Being a U.S. citizen, I’m not allowed to criticize Israel’s disastrous policies, nor am I allowed to object to U.S. policy towards Israel and the Middle East. 

"If you want to know who controls you, look at who you are not allowed to criticize".

- Voltaire

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Just like South Africa in the 1980s the world is realizing that it has been lied to. Those who were said to be the "good guys" were in fact the very opposite. The US as in the case with South Africa, being the last to catch on.

Israel will soon become a pariah state. The sooner the better.

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Netanyahu's "complete victory" = the complete destruction of Gaza - the proof is in the bombing of homes (domicide), every building that represents Palestinian society and culture and the heinous death toll of women and children. If nothing is done to stop these sadistic Israeli psychopaths with their vindictive, insatiable blood lust, starvation, sickness and disease bringing up the rear will surely result in more than 50,000 lives extinguished.

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said “the refusal to accept the two-state solution for Israelis and Palestinians, and the denial of the right to statehood for the Palestinian people, are unacceptable.” ... he said the refusal would “indefinitely prolong” the conflict.*

*He and world opinion know that as long as the Palestinians are forced to live in a ghetto under Israeli occupation and Apartheid, the human spirit of resistance, call it Hamas or whatever name you give it, can never be extinguished.
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Sad to have to say it, but it is time for the US and Western allies to stop all support for Israel until they return to being a normal nation and not one bent on complete domination of Palestinians, and blocking the creation of a state of Palestine. There is no other solution that can lead to a lasting peace, than full self determination for the people of both persuasions, Jews and Palestinians.

The idea that Palestine can be created without any military is simply an extension of the current domination and exploitation by Israel, where they could continue to send in their military at any time to kill and destroy willy-nilly.

A future Palestinian state must have the right to defend itself at all times, with its own capacity to do so. If the west tries to deny that right once a state is created, it leaves the door open for Russia and China or even Iran, to sell arms to Palestine.

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Netanyahu is the right man for the war that Hamas and Hezbollah started. The only way to ensure all the militants are out of an area/region is to completely remove everyone and have it empty for a few weeks as they seek out the militants hiding below ground.

After the war, Netanyahu needs to go. Job done, time to retire so peace negotiations can start.

Israel is called the United States of America’s greatest ally and friend

What? Canada is the US's greatest ally and friend.

Then perhaps the UK, France, Australia, Germany, NZ, most other NATO countries, Japan, SK. These are all about the same level of "we like you" to Americans.

Turkey and Israel are about the same on the "we like you" scale today. The rest of non-authoritarian Europe, Central and South America, India and other Asian countries without dictators would come in later.

Parts of the world that only bring problems are known for that, which reduces the "we like you" level, but it doesn't change the US felt obligation to help, if we can without too much effort or spending. Remember, the US runs a huge spending deficit, so there is a limit for how much we can or should help others. The choices aren't always easy. Fighting terrorist, especially those backed by Iran is near the top of the "must do" list. Confronting other expansionists dictatorships is high as well - all the better if only money and equipment are provided and not American lives.

Being a U.S. citizen, I’m not allowed to criticize Israel’s disastrous policies, nor am I allowed to object to U.S. policy towards Israel and the Middle East.

Being a US citizen means you CAN criticize Israel on any level. If you think differently, you don't understand your rights as an American. We don't have to agree on everything. Nobody does, but we can certainly be civil towards each other and listen to the points that others make.

I worked for an Israeli owned company for 5 yrs. I traveled internationally with my coworkers - some were Israeli and others were from all corners of the Earth. We all got along, because nobody was going to harm anyone else.

That's the flaw around Israel today. Most of their neighbors want to kill all Jews. That's a tough neighborhood, so Israel needs to be tougher to prevent wars. Alas, a war was started and Israel has to end it with far too many deaths along the way. It needs to be extremely painful or it will happen again next year and the year after and the year after. When someone else starts a war with you, you have to finish it. That means the opposition cannot fight at all and has no choice but to surrender. That's why Netanyahu is the right man for the job in Israel today.

I won't blame Israel for ending a war they didn't want by killing many thousands of militants or militant supporters. I just won't. It is too late for peace, since they didn't immediately return all the hostages taken and rocket attacks are still happening today. All the militants need to be removed by any means necessary before Gaza will have peace again. If the price for peace is to remove all Arabs and Palestinians from Gaza forever, so be it. They shouldn't have started this war.

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Netanyahu needs to face facts!

Its not about what he wants.

He needs to go with world consensus

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Israel is called the United States of America’s greatest ally and friend … in reality it’s neither, it is a client state that thumbs it’s nose the the USA and, because of internal political reasons, it’s the originator of U.S. Middle East Foreign Policy.

Being a U.S. citizen, I’m not allowed to criticize Israel’s disastrous policies, nor am I allowed to object to U.S. policy towards Israel and the Middle East.

This to shall pass …sooner than later.

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Today 08:13 am JST

The killing is going to go on and on just as it has for thousands of years.

> It's a way of life (and death) in that part of the world with these people because they always have and always will hate each other

Another false claim propagated by the west!

No more than any other region but it seems the west has collective amnesia!

16th, 17th 18th 19th 20th centuries, and Long before if I remember correctly the west was in near constant war amongst themselves, remember 1914-1918, 1939-1945 just to name the last 2 big ones in a long line!

The only difference with the middle east is that the west has put its nose into it with multiple proxy wars and coup d'etat placing pro western dictators in power when the elections didn't go the way the USA and UK didn't like! ( The Shaw of Iran being a very good example).

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On Jan 18th:


> Today 10:40 am JST

> It is pretty obvious why Hamas would want to keep the women and children as long as possible. Don't play dumb

Part of his attempt to push his claims if rape and pedophiles.

I pointed out this was another lies and my comment was called "impolite".

Well as I pointed out it was and we knew that then because we knew this already.

More than 100 hostages, mostly women and children, were released during a brief November cease-fire

But the following seems to just be glossed over by Mileikowsky (AKA Netanyahu) supporters and Palestinian haters!

in exchange for the release of Palestinian women and minors imprisoned by Israel.

that's right Palestinian women and children (funny how the article writer uses "children" when writing about Israelis but switches to "minors" when writing about Palestinians).

These "imprisoned" Palestinians conveniently left out were never formally arrested, never charged with any crime, when never given access to Legal representation, taken by force from their schools and homes in occupied territories long before October 7th.

So seeing this type of clear bias in the article and by certain people here, is it any wonder why we need to call out lies when posted in the comments!

It is especially important to be permitted to point out these lies when they are racially based!

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The killing is going to go on and on just as it has for thousands of years.

It's a way of life (and death) in that part of the world with these people because they always have and always will hate each other.

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Sort of scuttle the Israeli regime's 'defense' against the ICJ charges for violating the CPPCG, AND the ICC Prosecutor's claims to not have the evidence to charge Netanyahu with violating the ICSPCA and issuing an arrest warrant for him.

Not, of course, that either were legitimate in the first place, but Netanyahu just napalmed the fig leafs they were supposed to be.

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Israel bombs, American pays.Biden should feels proud everyday!

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Discussing his administration's position Friday, Biden said “there are a number of types of two-state solutions" and, asked if a two-state solution was impossible with Netanyahu in office, Biden replied, “No, it’s not.”

No there is not, even a change of government, more moderate tolerant, will struggle both diplomatically politically to achieve such a solution.

A ceasefire would be a first option to secure.

However whilst Israeli government/cabinet is on a war footing, an imminent election is doubtful.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Saturday that he “will not compromise on full Israeli control” over Gaza and that “this is contrary to a Palestinian state,” rejecting U.S. President Joe Biden’s suggestion that creative solutions could bridge wide gaps between the leaders' views on Palestinian statehood.

Netanyahu simply has no intention to move towards a negotiation that would involve an independent Palestinian state.

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Nethanyahu's Final Objective Is To Take Over Gaza Completely.

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Now even inside occupier leadership now there is some tension, one side finally realized that doing genocides which includes babies, women and elderly won't help them to reach to their objective. Better late to realize that than never at all.



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India and Indians have to deal with the same corrupt toxic left wing that cares nothing about anyone except the colonialist and racist Arabs and Muslims. Israel has the full 100% backing of India in what can only be described as self-defence in protecting the world from evil.

I really hope that India takes this opportunity to decouple itself from the Middle East, and I especially hope that Indian Muslim notions of the Arab wonderland of Islam won't get in the way of Indian progress. India and Israel are the world's closest friendship currently.

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This war criminal needs to be removed from power and put in jail immediately!

His racist loony right policies are what gives organisations like Hamas oxygen!

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