How China is keeping to its strict 'zero COVID' strategy

By Jing Xuan TENG

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Peking University researchers have warned China could suffer a "colossal outbreak" that would overwhelm its medical system if it relaxed restrictions to a similar level as Europe and the U.S.


I thought the chinese vaccine is soooo effective.


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*Peking University researchers have warned China could suffer a "colossal outbreak" that would overwhelm its medical system if it relaxed restrictions to a similar level as Europe and the U.S.*

How is that possible?

China has vaccinated 83% of it's population, right?

And we are told that vaccine protects you from being hospitalized, right?

So why are they telling now if they open restrictions, the medical system will be over-helmed?

Doesn’t that contradict that vaccine protects us from getting hospitalized???

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second generation vaccines targeting the Delta and Omicron variants -- as well as close to 100 percent vaccination rates -- could ward off a disaster.

Was it not 80 - 90%?

Now changed to closed to 100%?

And additional a 2nd generation of vaccine?

And it says "could" ward of a disaster.

So they are still unsure even about 100% vaccination rate and a 2nd generation of vaccine?

But letting the virus in could be risky for President Xi Jinping

Yes, please take care of President Xi Jinping.

My goodness China...

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How is China maintaining 'zero COVID'?

lies, lies & more lies

Does it work?

it’s news here isn’t it

Who pays the price?

their gullible citizens of course

Will China ever reopen?

who cares, I’m not going

What will happen if China opens up?

See above

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The first step is stop using the dubious Sinovac which is barely effective.

The CCP has lied to its people by making them take an untested vaccine and are afraid people will realize its ineffectiveness.

Second is to release more information, no one will believe China has had only 100,000 cases and 5000 deaths. The numbers in Wuhan itself are at least 10 times!!!

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This applies for any story really, but goes doubly for anything about China (or Cuba, Vietnam, DPRK, etc.). Check your sources, always. Teng has had a history of being pretty hostile to China, so take that with a grain of salt. Still, facts can only be bent so far.

The key takeaways from the article should be that China has managed to keep deaths extremely low , which is true, and that they have actually grown their economy in spite of everything. Their model is definitely shaping up to be among the most effective.

Anything more isn't really up to them at this point anymore. Unless they want to close all borders entirely, there is a degree of dependence on the rest of the world to do the right thing. If everyone had jumped on top of things as quickly as places like China or New Zealand, we wouldn't be where we are now.

Now I still don't think they, or anyone else, should be hosting the Olympics during the pandemic. No matter how well they've handled things so far, it just seems to be inviting trouble.

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So many contradictions from the CCP. Remember when the CCP gloriously gloated over the building of that hospital in such a short time? Well, the CCP forgot to realize that a non-Chinese audience would ask a follow up question: if COVID is so well contained in China, then WHY did China need to build an entire new hospital in such a short time? Obviously, the CCP never had to answer that obvious question.

Fast forward to today: if 83% of their population is vaccinated against COVID with the amazing SINOVAC and that the CCP clearly has COVID under control, why the need for such draconian measures now?

Say what you will about America, but at least there's a saying 'where there is smoke, there is fire'. Apparently, the CCP just believes the mantra 'if we say it, YOU must believe it.' That doesn't work so well in free and democratic countries.

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Many are quick to criticise the honesty of the Chinese gov and media, but is it any better in the west?

Anyway, what covid treatments are used in China?

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So they are still unsure even about 100% vaccination rate and a 2nd generation of vaccine?

Yes, because disaster can happen before achieving that goal, delays in the deployment of tergeted vaccines (or coverage of the original) may end up with the disaster happening first. Its is the same as anything that is time sensitive. Good nutrition can save millions of children, to stop smoking can prevent lung problems, breast examination can prevent cancer deaths... if done opportunely.

And we are told that vaccine protects you from being hospitalized, right?

And it does, but not to a 100% efficacy and much less against variants, even if people want to imagine everybody saying it (without ever being able to prove it).

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Yes, it is quite hard and costs too, but it’s still much better than all that doing nothing anywhere else which costs obviously very much more. The regime isn’t one to be liked, but on this corona topic they are doing the right thing with that zero covid strategy, while the ‘let’s live with the viruses’ strategy is of course completely bare of any logic, misleading and an obvious disaster now and in the future.

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@Wick's Pencil

You are absolutely correct, people are quick to rake China over the coals for propaganda, ignoring the fact that every country has just as much. Sometimes even more absurd, but people just take it at face value.

As far as your question goes, the actual treatments aren't too far off the standard practices from my understanding. Vaccinations as possible (with four vaccine variants currently available as far as I am aware), with high-flow oxygen, ventilation, IV immunoglobulin, and plasma transfusions for reactive care.

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Australia and New Zealand might be like this now if they had made their Covid Zero policies permanent.

The restrictions are so tight that Covid Zero may be the only thing that undermines popular support for the CCP. No matter how many online trolls support it and round on dissenting views, the real feelings of the bulk of the population may turn against those who are imprisoning them.

Regardless of whether it is for medical or political reasons, you have to wonder for how long the people of China will be happy living like North Koreans.

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So, there are, as noted, costs to going for Covid Zero.

And people who don't do the hard thinking see the woman who miscarried and are humanly outraged.

But do the hard thinking after the easy feeling of outrage, and consider how many miscarriages there would have been if the hospitals were full of Covid patients for the past 18 months. How many pregnant women would have caught Covid and died of it before the fetus could survive in that timeframe? Once you get beyond the 'your action killed that fetus' to the 'your action killed that fetus but saved about a dozen' point, well, you still feel for the loss, but also grasp that saving that mother her loss would have been sentenced others to the same, or WORSE losses.

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China's official tally since the start of the pandemic -- just over 100,000 -- is a fraction of the record one million cases logged by the U.S. earlier this month.

The official death toll has stayed under 5,000.

Official numbers are always a lie in China. They never want to know the truth or have facts. They don't want leaders to look bad and sharing any different numbers is illegal - treason under Chinese law.

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