Huawei CFO suing Canada, its border agency and RCMP


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And that's what we get for being nice to her. Giving her the option of taking us to court to prove hardship. Compare that to Nissan's former (and still jailed with no charges) chairman.

If this latest move wasn't such a joke, I'd give it merit. All she's done by launching this suit is to harm any argument she might have against her deportation. While we Canadians like to flaunt our 'rule of law' society, we also know that judges read the news.

Go figure, Huawei!

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Can we sue China? Government should just instantly ban 5G Huawei without delay

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And when it's Samsung going to sue Huawei for stealing their foldable smartphone technology?

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Given that Canada is govern by rule of law as state by the PM, There is a serious breach of law by the Canadian government.

Oh, ok she is not white nor Muslim or from Quebec, so it ok to have trumped charge against her.

So much of Rule of Law by the present PM.

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Canada was in the process of banning Huawei from 5G since Australia, NZ and USA have already done so. These are our mutual intelligence allies and the listening devices of Huawei phoning home to Father Communist China is worth stopping for every free country in the world. Therefore the notion that we would also follow suit is completely reasonable. Goodale was supposed to announce that earlier in the year but they kept prevaricating on a simple decision.  

By taking advantage of our system she delays that announcement which if done now would appear to be linked to this case which in a scandal avoidance government will never come at a good time.

But they shouldn't care what China thinks and take a stand. China doesn't like the rule of law in a free country they're not going to like the 5G decision either. Who cares.  

Hair Trudeau gov has dropped the ball here but no doubt Chuckie doll Sheer would have as well, probably sooner.  A bit of a window to Canadian politics: It's never about a Liberal government mistake that a Conservative government can't show that it can do worse. Like living in a country of Alzheimer's patients who instantly forget previous governments

This is why it's great we have an independent judiciary. It's not affected by the office holder and it won't bend to China's will. For every complaint it only makes China look worse and obvious

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And that's what we get for being nice to her.

Being "nice" to her? You're kidding. First time I've ever heard of arresting someone as being "nice" to them.

If it wanted to avoid getting entangled in superpower games, Canada should have refused to kowtow to the USA's order to arrest Meng Wanzhou in the first place. What else would you expect from the Chinese but retaliation?

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Canada had no option under its treaties with the US but to hold her. Her timing also seems suspect - why did she wait until her axtradition date to file a suit? Finally, she's been treated infinitely more humanely than Carlos Ghosn has.

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Canadian judiciary is independent of government. Read that again

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Canada is under contractual obligation. If you have issues with her arrest, talk to the USA

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When a person like this has a lot of money, waste of time lawsuits like this are going to happen.

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Without due process, Canada is no better than any dictatorship. The end does not justify the means,

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Without due process, Canada is no better than any dictatorship. The end does not justify the means,

How has she not been given due process?

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Strangerland by not being told she was under arrest and had the right to counsel.

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She wasn't under arrest. And she's had due process since she was arrested.

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Strangerland, the authorities had planned to take her into custody all along, thus she was under arrest.

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No, Canadian law doesn't work that way. She was originally taken in for questioning under Immigration laws.

You should probably read up on it so you don't make any more incorrect statements.

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Strangerland, what due process ? That is for criminals' protections. A normal person shouldn't be arrest in the first place according to justice.

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