Canadians released after Huawei CFO resolves U.S. charges


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... that concludes a case that roiled relations between Washington and Beijing.

It was Canada, not the US, that took the brunt of this and two Canadians have been locked up in China for 4 years because of it.

Thanks for nothing, Trump.

Next time the US asks Canada for a politically motivated arrest at the airport you can be sure the Canadians will ignore it.

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Yeah, hostage diplomacy works (when you're a Chinese multi-millionaire)!

...there was enough evidence to show she was dishonest and deserved to stand trial in the U.S.

The lawyer needs to realize she is rich and powerful, which in the real world means what what she "deserves" is irrelevant.

The deal was reached as President Joe Biden and Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have sought to minimize signs of public tension 

That should have nothing to do with it. Her arrest is a judiciary matter, protected under the constitution from political interference. Thus the Communists have done a great job of undermining the thing that America holds most dear - its Constitution. How ironic is that?.

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Agree with Jeff

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That’s the way to handle such issues!

The trial would have dragged on and a lot of innocents would have been dragged into the fight.

Hope China releases the Canadians!!!

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The DOJ has accepted her statement of not guilty. All she has to do is lie low until the end of next year. This is good news. Chalk one up for peace.

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News just in, the Canadians have been freed.

Good work President Biden.

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The criminal charges against Huawei in America are still ongoing but the CEO was released from Canadian custody in return for the release of two Canadians in China who also had been held for three years on espionage charges.

This case started with Trump who accused Huawei of stealing secrets.

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This is all the direct result of the documents that surfaced during the extradition hearings in Vancouver. These documents showed that the bank could have known that the proposed loan had a connection to Iran. All of a sudden the claim that Meng deceived the banks to avoid US sanctions was far less certain.

US prosecutors had these documents all along, but chose to proceed with the case regardless. With devastating consequences for two Canadian citizens in China.

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This case started with Trump who accused Huawei of stealing secrets.

True, China did, nothing new at least he tried to stop it. That’s on the Chinese and they continue to blatantly engage in intellectual property theft and should never be tolerated.

US prosecutors had these documents all along, but chose to proceed with the case regardless. With devastating consequences for two Canadian citizens in China.

Well, we don’t know the exact details as to what were in the affidavits against this woman and the severity of the charges.

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This case started with Trump who accused Huawei of stealing secrets.

Didnt they? this is basically a hostage situation that was resolved in favor of the Chinese.

Doesnt change a thing about what happened to cause it in the first place.

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Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor are on their way home thanks to Biden.

Biden to the disappointment of many will deescalate tensions and take actions towards peace.

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The much obstructed political game of 'an eye for an eye' between China and Canada is now officially over.

A temporary relief, no thanks to US..

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Remember the French company Alstom S.A. their dispute was a political one! Huawei is similar just China is not France, the Chinese government won't sit idle let bullying tactic work! Trump's nasty tragedy must be stopped!

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Lesson for the Chinese: Whenever your citizens run afoul of the law overseas, simply arrest twice as many citizens from the country you want to influence while they're inside China and...take them hostage on trumped up charges!

The West will fold, every single time, especially under "leaders" like "Perfectly-Executed Afghan Cut-And-Run" Joe Biden and "I've A Long Documented History of Selling Out to Anti-Canadian Entities!" Trudeau Jr.

Everyone laugh the next time anyone from the Canadadian or American "governments" makes the absurd claim that, "One should never give in to/negotiate with terrorism/terrorists." Because they're joking. Actions speak louder than Words.

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As part of the deal, known as a deferred prosecution agreement, she accepted responsibility for misrepresenting the company's business dealings in Iran.

Above she clearly admits to improper dealings with Iran, so to me seems she was certainly doing wrong.

That china so openly held Cdns hostage so blatantly is so disgusting on so so many levels, I hope Cda pulls the plug on the winter games, clearly Cdns are NOT SAFE inside china, stay away from that god forsaken place!!!

Perfect example of why the west MUST disengage from china, its truly an evil regime, its all on display......

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She was "largely confined to her multi-million-dollar house in Vancouver," according to Reuters.

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Hostess Diplomacy in action.

Every Western executive should think twice before setting foot on Chinese soil.

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China clearly is the biggest shot-caller in the world.All roads lead to them.Bitcoin illegal.Plunge and panic.Arrest our bigshot citizens,we take yours who did nothing.The New World Order isn't looking so great,is it?

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But wait. China said the Canadians had committed grave crimes against China. For what reason were they released?

This proves once and for all that China is run by despicable people who care nothing for the innocent lives they destroy to get their own way.

I hope those two innocent men sue China in Canadian courts and Canada seizes Chinese assets to cover the damages if China refuses to pay. They desrve to be compensated for the crime China committed against them.

One more reason to hate the CCP!

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.Arrest our bigshot citizens, we take yours who did nothing.

What Canada did was criminal. Had no right to hold a suspect for that long. The release was also the request of the U.S. Canada is just another U.S. state.

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One political prisoner for two. Canada got the better deal. Though in keeping with "Western values" the Chinese political prisoner is very rich so she was confined to her multi million dollar mansion. China doesn't share "Western values" so no matter how much money those Canadians have/had, they were always going to hard time just like anyone else.

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this is basically a hostage situation that was resolved in favor of the Chinese.

How do you figure? Is she really smart of just the daughter of a rich guy? Canada got two political prisoners back and China one so the final score was Canada:2 China: 1

I'd back China to win the rematch if Canada wants to keep playing.

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